Best Life Jackets For Dogs

Best Life Jackets for Dogs

Does your French bulldog know how to swim? Do you have a pool or do you take it to the river, a lake or the sea? When summer comes, surely you like to cool your dog to lower his temperature, relax, and stay cool for a few hours. Especially the French bulldog, which is a dog that has a really bad time in the summer and that, as you know, has more danger when it comes to heatstroke. Also, due to their physical form, they are not one of the best swimmers, although there are some who leave us with our mouths open when we see them swimming and even diving. It is not usually the most common, but they either do not like water at all and have a bad time if you bathe them, or they like it but they cannot swim fluently.

By having very short legs and weighing their butt and head, it is much more difficult for them to swim than other dog breeds and that is why it is good that you do not force them, and that if you dare to teach them to swim and that they always enjoy it with the Best Life Jackets for Dogs. If you know that your dog cannot swim and at home, you have a pool without a built-in ladder, never, never leave it alone unattended because if it falls, it can happen accidentally (we, unfortunately, suffered it a few years ago) it could drown. As we already told you in our article about some of the essential accessories best life jackets for dogs in summer, the ladder or ramp for pools was one of them, but the life jacket was also and that is why we want to tell you more about it. You are sure to need one this summer!

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Best Life Jackets for Dogs Safety and Fun

As its name indicates, the best life jacket for dogs is a safety and protection accessory for your dog both for the pool, for the sea, and for the river, that is, for any area of ​​water where you are going to bathe it that has a certain depth. They are made with materials that can get wet and a special flotation material, which means that no matter how much your dog weighs it does not sink and float. Same as human life jackets but in a furry version.

Some incorporate a handle on the top so that you can help your dog swim more easily by always guiding him and making him feel safe next to you in the water. So you do not have to hook it with its strap. But its main function is that it stays afloat in the water, either because you bathe it yourself, because it accidentally falls or because you want to teach it to swim. You may think that it is a treatment more at home, but when you have tried it, you will see that it is not.

As we told you at the beginning, about 6 years ago, two of our dogs were at a relative’s house playing (they were 6 months old) and we had not yet had time to teach them to swim (they had not lived their first summer yet). We went into the house for 5 minutes to get some things out on the terrace and when we left one of our little ones had fallen into the water. We jumped up and tried to revive him, only 5 minutes had passed … long enough for him to lose his life. They didn’t have a built-in ladder in the pool, he wasn’t wearing a life jacket and we got lost long enough to lose him.

From that, we learned with a lot of pain, and now we not only have a ladder for dogs, but we also have their life jackets and although some do not like water a lot we teach them every summer that if they accidentally fall they know how to get out. The vet told us that it is something that happens more than we imagine … but we do not want to go through it again. So if you don’t have a life jacket for your dog, get one.

Reasons to buy a best life jackets for your dogs

  • It helps them float in the water: The best life jacket has a main function that is for its materials, to make your French bulldog float in the water, so if it falls, it can swim and it will not sink. Or if you are teaching him to swim, make him feel more confident.
  • It gives them security: Seeing that it floats, your French bulldog will feel much calmer in the water and will not be overwhelmed as many do because they do not like water.
  • It helps you teach it to swim: If you want your French bulldog to lose its fear of water and learn to swim, it is an essential accessory because you can guide it with the handle above and as it feels more secure, it will gradually lose its fear of water you can swim calmly.
  • You can use it in the pool, on the beach, on the lake: Its materials are waterproof and you can use it anywhere.
  • You can take it on a trip: If you go on vacation in summer you can easily transport it because it does not weigh and does not take up much space.
  • It adapts to your body: Always choosing the correct size, it grabs them in the neck area and also in the belly area.
  • You will have your dog always located and visible: Almost all best life jackets for dogs incorporate reflective bands so that you do not lose sight of your French bulldog.
  • It can save your dog’s life: As we mentioned in the article, we lost a puppy due to an accident in which he fell into the water. Even if you are not going to teach him to swim because you do not want to or because he does not like water if you are going to be near a pool or something with the depth it is always a peace of mind to know that if he accidentally fell, nothing would happen because he would be afloat.

The best life jackets for dogs

Surely you already have it clear and you are already thinking about buying a life jacket for your French bulldog. We who have bought them 4 years ago and they still continue to do their job every summer, so if you take good care of it it can last for a long time. We are going to talk to you about some that we want to recommend:

# 1 Vivaglory dog ​​life jacket

This best life jacket for dogs is available in 8 different particularly bright and reflective colors to increase visibility in the water or in low light conditions. The materials of the Vivaglory dog ​​life jacket have passed the CA65 standard, allowing your dog to be safe and comfortable wherever he swims. It has a sporty design that also adapts to your body so that you have the greatest mobility in the water and feel comfortable.

It uses up to 50% more flotation material than most others on the market, providing maximum buoyancy to keep your dog safe in the water. Remember that it is important that you measure your French bulldog very well before buying it to choose the appropriate size for it and any other vest. It is available in different sizes.

This other dog life jacket is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Designed for all types of dogs, this vest ensures that your dog is safe while you enjoy your favorite aquatic hobbies. You will keep your dog afloat and totally comfortable in the water. Its fluorescent orange color and its reflective bands make your dog always visible and, therefore, you can quickly locate it in case of accident or loss.

This accessory for dogs is made of high-quality materials. Its nylon composition makes it much more resistant and durable against the most extreme conditions. It is available in different sizes.

# 2 Jeerui best dog life jacket

This best life jacket for dogs is also safe and fun because it has the rear fin of a shark. Your French bulldog will look very funny swimming with him in the water. It is made of high-quality Oxford fabric with very resistant, durable, and breathable padding.

It incorporates heavy-duty handles for quick control and easy rescue. With adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles for comfortable and ergonomic use. It is available in different sizes.

# 3 Fablcrew dog life jacket

With this best life jacket for dogs, you can let your French bulldog swim freely and safely. It is made of polyester and nylon and incorporates reflective bands. It is available in two colors and in different sizes so that you can choose the most suitable for your dog.

# 4 Ruffwear dog life jacket

This life jacket for dogs of Ruffwear is one of the best in the market. With it, you will help your dog to stay afloat in the water. They highly recommend it for people who take their dog by boat. It incorporates practical details such as reflective stitching for good visibility in the dark, buckles, and aerodynamic straps. It is available in various colors and sizes.

# 5 DogHelios dog life jacket

This other life jacket for dogs has ideal buoyancy. It is made of high-density 625D nylon, resistant to water, and guaranteed safety. It has a raised grip on the top for better control. It also incorporates high visibility reflective tape and a bright color surface, easier to detect in the dark and avoid possible accidents.

With velcro closures and adjustable buckles for quick release and velcro for a secure hold, easier to put on and take off. You have it available in different colors and sizes.

# 6 Longyitrade Best Life Jackets for Dogs

This other life jacket for dogs is available in various sizes and designs, including a very funny mermaid. The lightweight makes it comfortable and can reduce fatigue during use because you already know that the French bulldog is very exhausted swimming due to their breathing problems on the one hand and because they have very short legs and have to do a physical effort superior to other dog breeds.

# 7 Sild Dog Life Jacket

This best life jacket for dogs has a lightweight and colorful mesh fiber layer so you always have your dog visible and located in the water. It is adjustable and has reflective bands to use at any time of the day, even at night. It has nylon straps, quick-release buckles, and adjustable velcro on the neck and around the belly and belly neck that keep your dog more comfortable. You can choose between different sizes


The best life jacket can save your dog’s life! And not only that, but it is a wonderful accessory to teach him to swim and lose his fear of water. Swimming for dogs is a sport that comes in handy and also if your dog has any joint problems it will help him with his rehabilitation. Mambo, one of our chubby boys, has twice operated on his elbow and has osteoarthritis, which is why for us, in addition to a good dip in the summer, he helps us to strengthen his joints.