Best Boat For Fishing And Family Fun Adventures

best boat for fishing and family fun

Are you looking for Best boat for fishing and family fun? There are different types of fishing boats for different tastes for fishing and for family fun. In this article, we present our list of the 14 best fishing models and explain their characteristics to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

The boat market offers a wide variety of fishing boats. There are of all styles. You will find from kayaks and inflatable semi-rigid to large fishing cruises or even impressive fishing catamarans. The choice of each particular case depends on the use that you want to give it: Do you want a boat exclusively for fishing or do you also want to take a walk with family or friends? Fishing alone or in the company?

 Day trips or overnight stays on board? In any case, the boat you choose must provide access to the water from anywhere on the boat, allowing occupants to move with agility and fish with ease For this reason, it is also important that most of the space and breadth is concentrated on the deck and not in the cockpit. 

Of course, the boat you choose must be able to remain anchored in a stable way to be able to sight, bait, and, ultimately, fish comfortably. In the Pescamediterraneo2 nautical forum, you can find tips, tricks, and various techniques to make the most of your sport fishing trips and enjoy them in total comfort.

Each type of boat has its advantages. The smaller models allow you to be comfortable without needing a trailer to transport it and can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes, as well as being more affordable. However, fishing cruises and catamarans have high levels of comfort to spend the night onboard and great amplitudes. Below we highlight the characteristics, functionalities, and advantages of seven different types of boats.

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The first thing to be clear is that the bigger and better the boat is, the more prey the fisherman will catch. Not much less. The knowledge of the fisherman is what will determine whether or not good catches are achieved. In this sense, a kayak or an inflatable with a small motor or even a few simple paddles are enough to be able to fish.

A fishing kayak may be the best option for a beginner who wants to test the hobby, as well as for a fisherman who does not want to invest too much in the boat. A good example of this is the Fun Run Creus, an easy to maneuver and very stable sea kayak thanks, in part, to its moderate length (it has a length of 450 cm and a beam of 58 cm). Despite its size, it offers great speed and load capacity to store captured prey. Also, it is very comfortable thanks to its large bathtub and ergonomic seat. Besides, you can easily transport it on the roof of your car and it allows you to quickly access different waters


Pneumatics also have their advantages. These can go both the rowing and motoring and are quite affordable. Also, they are ideal if you want to combine solo outings to fish only once in a while, with outings with friends.

 Narwhal Model WB-629 Fisher fulfills these functions. It is a 6.32 meter long and 2.38-meter beam specific for fishing and offers the necessary equipment for this practice: rod holders, non-slip reinforcements on the float to remain stable in full action, cable grommets, seats fanny packs to store fishing materials, etc. It has a maximum capacity of 15 people and has an outboard motor.

Fun Run Creus Kayak and WB-629 Fisher Inflatable. Photo: Fun Run and Narwhal.

Motorboat up to 7 meters

The boats of five to seven meters in length are also very useful, since, in addition to fishing, they allow you to walk with the family in complete comfort and safety. This type of boat is advisable to have an awning or umbrella to protect you from the sun when you have been fishing for a while.

The Sessa Key Largo 24 It is an outboard boat of 6.90 meters in length and offers everything you need for sport fishing on board. It is compact but complete and fast. It has a spacious deck, especially in the bow, to move easily with the rod. It also offers a side rod holder and a bimini top designed to be practical and easily foldable.

 In this way, you can make the most of your fishing days in the sun. Besides, being a small boat, it can be transported comfortably with a trailer. It has a maximum capacity of up to 8 people, so it can also be combined with a family plan. Precisely for this reason, spaces of real comfort have been created, such as a comfortable chaise lounge in the cabin with a large sundeck in the bow and a table in the cockpit to eat the captured prey.

As for professional fishing, V Boats offers the Fishpro 54, a high-performance aluminum boat. Finalist in the Best of Boats Awards 2019 in the category of best boats for fishing, this boat is 5.45 meters long and can be equipped with an engine of up to 150 horsepower. It has a good grip on the water and doesn’t slip too much in tight corners.

 Also, the width and thickness of the hull make it very stable and easy to control in adverse weather conditions, at the same time that the high windshield protects all passengers from the wind and waves, which can be approved for 4 in total. Its front platform is very spacious to facilitate movements with the rod and the rear, it becomes a bench for fishermen.

 Sessa Key Largo 24 and Fishpro 54. Photo: Sessa Marine and V Boats.

Center console

If the idea of ​​fishing onboard is really firm, we can find models whose design has been specially conceived for fishing. This is the case of center console boats since their structure allows several fishermen to easily circulate their entire perimeter of the deck in search of the best position to catch prey. For this reason, they also come equipped with fishing features such as rod holders and storage for storing prey, among others.

A good example of this type of boat is the Bayliner CC7 Element model., as the denomination “CC” of its name indicates (Central Console). It is a 6.29-meter long boat that stands out for its M-shaped hull, the key to the stability it offers. Besides, it has a large storage capacity, and the anchor box and two large side lockers are located at the bow to store rods. 

This area is completely covered by mats, thus creating a large solarium to also navigate comfortably with the family. At the stern, a large solarium of greater dimensions can also be deployed, thus changing from a functional fishing boat to a boat purely for leisure. The CC7 can be equipped with a table with coasters, T-Top to shelter under the shade, and rod holders in height that allow more possibilities in trolling, among others


The Boston Whaler 230 OUTRAGE also offers plenty of onboard fishing capacity. Its spacious bow area has comfortable seats and storage space on the floor and under the seats. It is available with an integrated fiberglass hardtop, premium fishing, and navigation technology with its fishing package that includes, but is not limited to: bearings, fishing area, catch storage boxes, fresh water wash, and mounted rod holders. on the transom

 It also stands out for the comfort it provides to the entire crew with its completely ergonomic helm, the aft seat is foldable with a reinforced backrest, and many other features. Plus, the optional anchor windlass and chain make anchoring completely secure.

Bayliner CC7 Element and Boston Whaler 230 OUTRAGE. Photo: Bayliner and Boston Whaler.

Small cabin boat

When you want to add the option of spending the night a couple of nights and sailing as a family to fishing on board, a small cabin boat is ideal. Many models can be found in the pleasure craft market that combines both sailing styles to cover both hobbies. In these cases, the deck is usually less spacious, since the cabin will occupy part of the space. 

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the command post has good external visibility.

The Beneteau Barracuda 9it is also designed to provide comfortable sport fishing as well as satisfying leisure boating. It combines innovation, speed, performance, and safety. Its spaces have spacious and functional work areas for fishing and offer the possibility of equipping yourself with the fishing pack.

 This includes specific “Barracuda Tour” decoration, deck wash pump, vertical electric windlass, remote control, rotating bow cock, live bait tank, and four aft rod holders. Its bathtub, self-emptying and clear, provides all the necessary space to fish quietly, while on each side there are two-rod holders to practice spinning. To get good visibility,

Sometimes what you want is an all-in-one to be able to use the same boat for different styles of navigation. This is the case of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Marlin, a real all-terrain of the seas that offers as many possibilities of use as different forms of life on board in just 8.92 meters in length: from fishing in a quiet stream with a friend to exploring new areas going from cove to cove and spending the night with the family at sea. 

It combines design features for safe fishing, ergonomics, and true comfort on board. Proof of this is the 2020 Motor Boat Awards award with which it has been awarded a few months ago. Regarding its design, the bow has a comfortable and familiar seating area that can be accessed by a recessed starboard gangway, or by the bow directly with a safe passage. At the stern, it offers a second fishing-type seating area that will enhance sporting outings.

 Beneteau Barracuda 9 and Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Marlin. Photo: Beneteau and Jeanneau.


Historically llauts were conceived as workboats for fishing or commerce. They are typical of Spain, especially the Balearic Islands where there is a great tradition of trawling. This type of boat is a real artisan work and they tend to be small, made of wood and lateen sail, although over time they have evolved and have been motorized.

 They are very stable and consistent and are currently ideal for the combination of recreational boating and sportfishing.

The Sasga Menorquín 34 HTIt is a 10 meter long motorized llaüt ideal for discovering the most hidden nooks and crannies of the coast. Awarded with various awards such as the “Best European motorboat of the year 2016”, it remains today a great example of traditional llauts, but with an innovative and modern style.

 It responds to the program of a semi-flat boat as a family cruise with a capacity of up to 12 people, while it can be used perfectly for sport fishing. Its deck and cockpit area respond to the classic layout with a round aft cockpit, equipped with direct access to the aft platform. The side steps are wide and deep.

 All this allows the owner to move from one place to another easily with the rod to choose the best point to hunt his prey. Even, the aft cockpit can communicate directly with the interior saloon by opening the cabin doors, leaving everything in a single space to quickly clean and store what has been caught. Also, the steering position is elevated, thus offering 360-degree visibility.

As an example of a more traditional llaut we have the Menorquin Yacht 120 HT, an 11.50-meter long wooden boat with a hard roof and an elongated platform. It has all the necessary characteristics to fish, go on long journeys or go from cove to cove. Her spacious deck allows for easy pole movement from bow to stern and offers plenty of storage for storing fishing gear, such as on the fore and aft floor or the cockpit seats.

 It can be configured with useful features such as stern stainless steel davits, lockers for storing prey, and an outside command post located above the deck for good visibility.

 Sasga Menorquín 34 HT and Menorquin Yacht 120 HT. Photo: Sasga and CosasdeBarcos.

Fishing cruise

If the budget allows us greater investment and exceeds 10 meters in length,fishing cruises  offer sportfishing with all imaginable comforts, as well as luxurious navigation. In these cases, comfort is increased thanks to the spacious areas in each of its corners, both on deck and in the cabin. For all these reasons, long cruises of several nights can be carried out on board with the greatest possible comfort.

The classic 12.90 meters long Rodman FisherPro 1250 has a spacious exterior, which houses a practical flybridge and a comfortable cockpit to work with enough storage space for a good amount of fishing gear. It can be equipped with material for the practice of deep-sea fishing and also with the Volvo IPS system. 

Which facilitates both maneuvers at the time of fishing, as well as in port, in addition to saving fuel. Its interior is comfortable for a total of X people and offers two double cabins, a kitchen, and a living room in contact with the interior command post. In this way, the pleasure of sailing accompanied by family and friends will make fishing days even more enjoyable.

The Starfisher ST 1060 is a clear example of a mixed fishing boat. Her hull is solidly built to cope with long open sea cruises and has been designed to offer good cruising speed for long periods without getting passengers too wet. Once at anchor, or very low speeds, it remains stable to offer comfortable fishing, thanks in part to its high and thrown bow that allows for dry sailing and good buoyancy. 

In turn, the freeboards are high to provide security throughout the exterior. The deck is wide and unobstructed to have more space for fishing and for storing fish. Also, it has optimal performance and maximum autonomy according to the most demanding needs.

 Rodman FisherPro 1250 and Starfisher ST 1060. Photo: Rodman and Starfisher.


Many types of monohulls can provide good results for sport fishing, but if budget is not an issue and we are completely free to choose a boat, a multihull option should be considered.

Normally, catamarans have larger areas both outside and inside and, therefore, provide greater comfort when moving with the rod or more spaces to store fish and fishing equipment. 

Navigation is much more stable, making fishing much more enjoyable. In short, a good catamaran has all the characteristics that an efficient fishing boat needs while providing the habitability of a house.

The Flash Cat 43 motor catamaran from the Valencian shipyard Flash Catamarans fulfills all these functions thanks to its exclusive multifunctional design for cruising and fishing. It has a length of 13.20 meters and a beam of 5.75 meters, so the feeling of spaciousness is always assured.

 It includes a large 18 m2 flybridge that offers the best possible visibility for fishing and a spacious deck to move with agility. It also offers a rigid bimini to shelter from the sun or rain and a stern platform with direct contact with the water.

As for its standard motorization, it has two 170 hp engines and has very low consumption and a good autonomy. Its cruising speed is about 16-20 united and a maximum of 27


The World Cat 320CC is a specific powerboat for fishing. It is a catamaran and, at the same time, a Central Console boat, as its name suggests.

Therefore, it brings together the best characteristics of both types of boats in one: the spaciousness and stability offered by a catamaran, together with the agility offered by a Center Console to move easily with the rod. 

Therefore, the fishermen aboard this boat can circulate with complete peace of mind around the entire perimeter of the deck to find the best position in search of a Persian.

It is made of fiberglass, has 12-rod holders mounted on the gunwale at the bow and stern, and numerous storage chests for storing prey and fishing equipment.

 Flash Cat 43 and World Cat 320CC. Photo: Flash Catamarans and World Cat.

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