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best fishing apps

The 15 best fishing apps that have us hooked. Fishing is an old hobby that you have never been afraid to adopt new techniques and tools, whether it involves different types of baits or fishing rods.

Add mobile apps to the angler’s bag of tricks as they offer everything from fishing guides and logs, to solar and lunar calendars, social media tools, knot guides, and more. 

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Fishbrain is a social media app for over 3 million fishing enthusiasts. Once logged in, you can use Fishbrain to query a database of over 1.7 million fishing sites. Through the millions of recorded catches, you will discover where to fish, which bait works and which fish bites. You can even contribute your own experiences. Fishbrain also works as a personal catch log to record your fishing progress.


The Fishidy mobile app works in conjunction with the Fishidy website to provide users with a way to save and record their favorite fishing sites and catches and share them with other users. The application provides fishing maps to more than 17,000 channels, with users able to record catches and favorite places on the map.

Additionally, Fishidy includes social features with users able to share information with other anglers and friends, as well as view a feed of current activities and reports for individual channels. A Premium subscription offers more detailed maps and mapped fishing areas, fishing tips, and underwater structures.

Pro Angler

Aimed directly at saltwater anglers, Pro Angler offers users a wealth of resources, from a guide to over 15,000 GPS fishing spots, radar weather maps, easy-to-use state and federal regulations, and a 250-plus guide. saltwater fish species.

Additional features include guides for knots, rigs, and equipment, a digital wallet to store important fishing documents such as licenses, and a variety of fish recipes with nutritional information.


FishTrack is intended for saltwater fishermen and offers a wealth of data such as sea surface temperature (SST) graphs, satellite imagery, and marine weather predictions that are displayed on a layered map for easy reference in the water. Users can view the latest SST, chlorophyll, and satellite images, bathymetry, currents, and sea surface heights, and create and save routes and waypoints.

In addition to navigation data and weather forecasts, FishTrack also allows you to search for tides and solunar tables. The app is available as a free trial for 15 days, but you will need to pay $ 15 per month or $ 80 per year to unlock premium features.

Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes

The Navionics’ Boating Marine & Lakes app provides users with a host of up-to-date nautical charts and navigation tools to help you get out on the water. Detailed data overlays, sonar diagrams, community notes, automatic routing, navigation modes, and syncing with a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled plotters help keep you on track so you can focus on the fishing, instead of sailing.

Automatically updated charts and tidal and weather data mean it’s always kept up to date and up-to-date with potential navigational and weather hazards. 

Fishing Points

Fishing Points (Android, iOS) provides a versatile toolkit of useful information for anglers. You can save your favorite fishing spots, trotting lines, and dragging routes, with Google Maps and offline chart views to help you get back to the right place.

Also, you can create a capture log of everything you catch on your trip, with captured photos. The app also includes fish activity, tides, weather, and solunar calendar forecasts.

Ikijime Tool

Ikijime is a technique for dispatching fish caught with a beak to the brain that is said to be fast and humane, minimizing stress on the fish.

The Ikijime Tool app provides a mobile guide to the technique, with diagrams for 53 different North American fish species, as well as a variety of others around the world, showing where to nail a fish, with a database of species of fish for easy reference.

Fish Rules

Fish Rules is a handy companion app for saltwater anglers that brings together various fishing rules and regulations for a variety of species and federal waters from Maine to Texas in one place.

The app can tell you which fish are in season, how many you can keep, how big the fish should be, and other important regulations.


Solunar uses data on the movements of the sun, moon, and tides to predict the periods when fish may be most active feeding or moving.

The application provides users with Solunar tables for specific locations and users can save favorites for easy reference, with expected periods of major and minor activity, day ranking, moon phase, moonrise and moonset, sunrise, and sunset. sun, with day, week, and month tables, as well as current and five-day weather forecasts. In-app purchases unlock additional features like tidal data, custom location mapping, and a rangefinder.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

On the Android front, Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is a good option for anglers and anglers looking for a good source of Solunar time tables to predict periods of movement and feeding of animals.

The free version of the app provides major and minor period estimates, ascent, zenith, and set times for the sun and moon, and a five-day weather forecast, all for your current location. An in-app purchase removes the ads and unlocks pro features like saving custom locations and extended Solunar time tables.

Orvis Fly Fishing

While it has a dated-looking interface, the Orvis Fly Fishing app comes with a ton of useful information for fly fishermen. The app includes instructional videos on a variety of casting techniques and common mistakes, a fly fishing glossary, a 100 best trout search guide, fly fishing podcasts, and fishing reports for over 200 fishing destinations with a fly in North, Central, and South America and the United Kingdom.

Users who register the app also get a $ 10 gift certificate for the purchase of Orvis’s line of clothing and fishing gear.

Angler Tournament

It is one thing to brag about your catch, and quite another: to measure it, weigh it and record it correctly. Angler Tournament is a mobile application designed to help tournament organizers and participants track and record their catches, with users able to take photos and record measurements of a catch while still in the water.

In addition to the tournament management and leaderboard options, the app takes the data collected from the caught fish and provides it for scientific research and stock management, with in-stock assessments and habitat mapping.

Knot Guide

Spend any amount of time fishing and you will end up tying knots. Lots of knots. Even if you haven’t earned a merit badge for tying the knots, fear not: mobile apps like Knot Guide come to the rescue. The iOS Knot Guide app provides users with detailed information on more than 100 knots, divided into 18 categories, including hitching, climbing, and sailing knots, and most importantly to us, fishing knots.

Users can browse knots by name or category, and each entry includes a description of their uses, as well as a visual guide for tying the knot. The users can everything save to their best knot, share and read and work with their other users.

Fishing Knots Lite

The user of This android app is free to check out everything with detailed pictorial instructions. The knots cover everything from fly fixing, hooks, swivel hooks, and other baits, with each knot a brief description of use is given as well as an illustrated guide on how to tie it.

It looks particularly good on the tablet, with a two-panel interface that shows a list of all the knots and provides handy instructions side by side. An in-app purchase removes the ads.

IGFA Mobile

The International Game Fishing Association mobile app serves as a handy reference for a variety of gamefish species, and also serves as a reference for game fish records, such as the largest catch. Users can view illustrated species entries that allow them to identify their catch, along with detailed information.

You can also check the global vacant, approved and pending registries in the IGFA database, as well as search for nearby accredited IGFA weigh stations if you want to verify the catch of a monster. Also, the application comes with a variety of travel planning tools and the means to share photos caught on social media.

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