The Secret Of Can Guppies Live With Goldfish

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can guppies live with goldfish

Can guppies live with goldfish? A lot of questions if you read you will be got your answer here. We are Answer Collected From The Top User on The Subject of Fish

Answer Collected From The Top User on The Subject of Fish


Unfortunately, guppies and goldfish cannot be kept together. They could both tolerate the same water values, but they come from completely different areas, so the goldfish has different pathogens and germs on its skin that the guppie would not tolerate. I would overwinter the goldfish outside, an ice preventer is already available for a few euros, I’ve seen many different models at So you can fill the aquarium with guppies, swordtails, and platys to your heart’s content (of course in the appropriate number) and plant and design it in a species-appropriate manner. It’s a nice hobby, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years, the whole family has a lot of fun with it, you can find a huge selection at Zoo & Co Aquatop in Wurselen, for example, have a look on the Internet.


No, it doesn’t work because: Goldfish are cold-water fish (the warmth of the water must be below 16 degrees) and guppies are warm-water fish (they need about 20-30 degrees)

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of course, you can keep them together. if you intend to do it as described. you can also put black mollies or armored catfish in it. they are not very demanding. the armored catfish are bottom fish. I also keep goldfish and those just listed together, but all year round. I don’t know how big your goldfish are, but if a slightly smaller fish swims in their mouth, it’s gone. you should know that.


Yes, I also had veil goldfish and 3 guppies (2f / 1m) in a 20l aquarium. Developed splendidly and got along really well, and after a few weeks I had young ones (without heating element but with pump)


Depends on the size of the goldfish. Normal-sized goldfish would eat the guppies (size: 3-5 cm).

Suitable fish species might be these:

Honey guarmi (temperature: 24-28 ° C, size: from 5cm)

Platies (temp .: 18-25 ° C, size: 6 cm)

Rhombus barbel (temp .: 21-25 ° C, size: I have them about 6 cm tall)

Brass barbel (temp .: 17-25 ° C, size: 6-8 cm)

Bitterling barbs (temp .: 20-25 ° C, size: 5-6 cm)

Two-point barbel (temp .: 20-25 ° C, size: 6-8 cm)

Do guppies get along with other fish?

Hi. I have around 50 guppies in my 30-liter aquarium. They multiply very strongly. Now I wanted to solve this biologically and put a pufferfish in there, which then naturally reduces the guppie population. Do you think that works?

(Sorry. I’m still a beginner in the aquarium sector.)

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Every beginning is difficult 😉 so I will try to help you a little. 😁

First of all, there are minimum conditions for keeping fish, which in other countries such as Austria, for example, legally stipulate 54 l as the minimum size. There is no law here but a recommendation from the Federal Ministry, which also says that 60x30x30 is the minimum. Therefore, the guppies in your pool are not the best choice anyway.

Also, for an uncontrolled reproduction of guppies, basically, every aquarium quickly becomes too small, even a 500l tank would overpopulate them very rapidly. Since such population growth in the aquarium has a very strong impact on the water values, in principle you already have a biological solution, because animals will always die, mainly the young, very old, and weakened ones, otherwise, there would probably be no water in the tank but only fish. In other words, dozens of fish have certainly died undetected.

And since there is no fish in such a tank anyway, certainly not for beginners, there is no point in using an animal that simply does not belong there. The smallest pufferfish already needs at least 60 cm as a subsistence level according to the report, but experienced keepers recommend a size of at least 120 l. Also, they belong in a species tank without additional fish that would only be affected anyway.

What would now come into consideration as conceivable solutions:

Either you keep the decorative nano and take it as what it is intended for, namely mainly as a room decoration with pretty plants and, if necessary, a few dwarf shrimp. And give up the guppies.

Or if you want to keep fish, it would be good to get rid of at least more than half of the guppies and buy a real aquarium. Ideal for beginners would tank from 120l, rather than about 80 cm tank length.


Guppies’ reproduction stops by itself at a certain point, and it doesn’t get much more than that. At Reticulatas, because they eat their offspring and from a certain stocking density there are always so many hungry mouths that no babies can get through. Endlers also stop reproducing, even though they don’t seem to be eating their babies. At least I’ve never seen them do it.

The pool is pretty small for guppies. Everything that goes in the direction of high breeding should not be kept in it. It looks different with small, pure-bred wild reticulatus or pure-bred endless, which can certainly be kept in tanks with an edge length of 40 cm or more. But only as a species tank without additional stock (except for snails).

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You can solve the problem by dropping off all animals except for a couple (e.g. in classifieds)

Dwarf pufferfish is not suitable for birth control and are quite complicated to keep. 30l is also too small for guppies. 5-7 male Endler guppies are just about wearable.

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