Difference between fly fishing and normal fishing

difference between fly fishing and normal fishing

First of all, the term fishing, in my opinion, includes all kinds of non-commercial hook and line fishing, including fly fishing! Admittedly, fly fishing was really elitist and quite expensive for a long time. So it was only possible for well-off people to indulge in this hobby. Often there was an accompanying person, the so-called Lagelträger, who had to take care of the catch. It looked like he filled a wooden barrel with water and carried the caught fish in it! Not an easy job, but it wasn’t particularly well paid.

 Nevertheless, the common people were unable to practice the sport of fishing. The fishing rods and the rest of the fishing equipment were priceless, almost everything was made by hand, not to mention the prices for a fishing license. By the way, black fishing, without permission, was punished draconian!

I’ve been flying the fly rod myself for fifty years, and a lot has changed during this time. I can still remember how my father took off his pants at the Diemel to save a dry fly that had landed in the bushes on the other side. Back then, these flies cost between 15 and 20 pfennigs at Karstatt! For my first carbon fiber fly rod, I was able to negotiate a special contract with a fishing tackle dealer in Nuremberg, half the price was paid in kind. Which naturally produce worms as bait for fishing from the Pegnitz floodplains collected by hand.

The price of fishing equipment

Such a procedure is almost no longer possible nowadays, but it is also no longer necessary. Up until about 10-15 years ago, there was always the question, why are fly rods and fly reels so expensive compared to normal fishing tackle? The question is easy to answer, let’s take a car fender, for example. If such a part is produced for a VW Golf, around 65,000 pieces are produced with one tool, then the tool is worn out. For a Ferrari, you only need 300 pieces for a series, but the manufacturing price for the tool is almost the same.

The price is therefore heavily dependent on the quantity produced. A few years ago, as in Germany, the ratio was 50,000 fly fishermen to 5,000,000 anglers! Much has changed in the meantime, the number of fly fishermen has risen sharply and the material for fishing is also available in the luxury class. Angling and fly fishing have come much closer together, at least in the price range.

The bottom line

Angling and fly fishing, just like anglers and fly fishermen, have come much closer to one another, especially among the younger generations. With the older ones, there is still one or the other who has certain class arrogance. We all want to enjoy wonderful leisure activities in nature, so let’s enjoy it while we can! It would be much more important for all Petri Jünger to agree on questions of material use, especially in Germany.

 The use of barbs as well as twin and triple hooks is a thing of the past and should be rigorously abolished! Even in the New World, like the USA and Canada, the law is – single barbless hook – in German – barbless single hooks! I will speak on this subject soon.

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