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The affection of two people for one another often turns into love and this often results in a common house or at least the idea of ​​it. This is how Fisher House sees itself. Happy couples want a family and a house where the family lives. Love is a strong building material, stands for creativity, and not only wants to design but also to realize itself. In short: love builds dreams and later even houses. Couples with individual ideas build individual houses. Houses by Fisher House.

With the slogan “Build with love”, Fisher House clearly shows that it offers the perfect solutions for building couples who have their ideas. The provider attaches great importance to the designation of building pairs instead of building owners, thereby emphasizing that not only one person is involved in the building process.

Fisher House does not see itself as a department store in which one can buy prefabricated houses off the shelf. Unless a future building couple visits a model house and wants to build the same house on their property. But even in that case, it is very unlikely that the houses will be 100 percent alike. 

Because at Fisher House the dream of a house always begins with “Make a wish!”. At the end of the trip, the ideas and dreams of the construction couple, with the support of the Fisher House experts, resulted in an individual dream house that is not like any other house. With more than 13,000 houses built by now, this is quite remarkable.

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The home is a piece of home in its own right

The prefabricated house pioneer Josef Fischer founded the company, Fisher House, in Lam, Bavaria, in 1961 and recognized very early the advantages of manufacturing wooden components in weatherproof halls. His goal has always been to combine the many years of experience in half-timbered construction with contemporary architecture and modern heat and sound technology.

The supplier’s production facility has been located in Bodenwöhr in Upper Palatinate since 1971, right in the center of the village on Hammersee and the Jacob brewery. An area that is visited by many vacationers.

Fisher House succeeds in combining years of experience with the latest technology. The result is future-oriented homes that are not unique and energy-efficient, but also sustainable.

It has always been part of the human endeavor to find a partner whom you love and with whom you can share your life. To create a cozy home out of mutual love, in which one grows old together. Creating a shared paradise, a place of retreat, and your piece of home becomes reality with Fisher House.

Regional and responsible

Fisher House sees itself as a Bavarian company and deliberately builds regionally. Also, the provider assumes responsibility for the region and its residents by working specifically with architects and planners in the vicinity. As a result, It is also has a very close eye on the regional property market.

At Fisher House, building couples have the opportunity to try out their homes. In Bodenwöhr, future homeowners can move into the Seegarten model house for a day and night and experience what it feels like to live in a Fisher house. Even if the future house will look different, you will get a feel for the high-quality furnishings of the houses.

However, show houses offer a lot more than that. When visiting show houses, builders automatically come up with a wide variety of ideas, collect inspiration and let their ideas and wishes grow. Whether inside the house or outside – touching, tapping, and seeing the possibilities turns dreams into concrete ideas.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.