How long do fish live in your aquarium?

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In the day-to-day life of our aquarium, the life expectancy of a fish in captivity will depend largely on the care provided by each keeper, but we can analyze how long the fish live, on average.

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Fish are living beings that require specific care to preserve good health and enjoy privileged longevity.

How long do fish live?

 How long fish live depends on many factors internal and external to their body.

First of all, we must consider that there are several species of fish and each of them has its own metabolism. Consequently, each species, and even more so each individual, can have a different life expectancy.

In general, fish that live in captivity can have greater longevity than those that are in rivers or seas, mainly due to the absence of predators and the abundant food supply.

Let’s not forget that fish are sensitive animals whose health can easily be affected by climatic, hygienic, and food factors; in captivity, they are very vulnerable and sensitive species.

As we have mentioned, the years of the life of a fish in the aquarium will depend not only on its species but also on the care offered by its owner. To get an idea, fish in captivity can live from a few hours to about 10 or 15 years.

The small fish that are marketed in specialized stores are very young: they are only about two or three months old. This first stage of its life is fundamental since the animal is in full development.

With an excellent diet, a spacious environment, and a positive environment, this fish will be able to grow strong and healthy, which will positively impact its life expectancy. If, on the other hand, it is subjected to a negative environment and an unbalanced diet, it could die in days or hours.

We must also keep in mind the difference between aquarium and fish tank. In general, the fish that live in small tanks do not usually exceed two or three years of life. Although experts say that this longevity could be prolonged if the fish is not subjected to stress.

In turn, fish that live in large aquariums, which replicate the optimal conditions for their development, could live for more than a decade, depending on the species. Common carp, for example, can exceed 15 years of age when given excellent preventive medicine.

Although it is not a rule, larger and more robust fish are usually more resistant, so they can enjoy greater longevity than the smaller and more delicate species.

Life expectancy of the most popular aquarium fish:

Here’s how many years the most popular fish live in aquariums.

 In addition to excellent longevity, these fish require relatively simple care, which is why they are recommended even for the least experienced keepers.

  • Orange fish (goldfish). Goldfish are a very delicate species of fish that usually only live for two to three years. These small fish require a meticulous routine of care with their water, their food, and their environment, as they can easily get sick.
  • Guppy fish. The lovely guppy fish is famous for the unique colors they display on their bodies. Plus, it requires meticulous care with your water temperature.

Considering the different species of fresh and saltwater fish, in different ecosystems and climates, we speak of quite unequal life expectancies. 

Generally speaking, the average life expectancy of saltwater fish is around 20 years; freshwater species usually live on average about 15 years. Cooler water fish will have greater longevity than warm water fish.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.