How Often Should You Feed A Betta Fish?

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When it comes to keeping fish in an aquarium, feeding will always be part of the routine, making sure the fish get the nutrients they need to thrive. Some people feed their fish any brand and type of random fish food; This should not be the case, as different types of fish will have different nutritional requirements.

In this case, we are going to see the Betta fish. There is good news about this type of fish, which is that it can eat a variety of different types of food. You still have to know what types they are, how often to feed them, and what not to feed them.

How much to feed a Betta fish?

Feeding betta fish is crucial, but you have to control the amount. You don’t want too much of the fish’s food to go to waste. Make sure you feed him only as much food as he can finish in 2 minutes. Don’t be surprised to see that this is all the time your betta will spend eating. The remaining food in the aquarium will simply go to waste, settle to the bottom of the aquarium and end up rotting there. 

With so much food settling to the bottom, you would have to clean the aquarium more often to remove debris. Also, dirty water caused by food debris could easily make fish sick.

Sometimes you can get a betta fish to eat for more than 2 minutes. If you see such behavior, it means that your fish is getting fat. Yes, don’t be surprised to see that fish actually get fatter over time. Check around the belly area for a lump. If there is a lump present, then your fish is definitely overweight. For those who use pellets to feed the fish, simply use 3 pellets at each feeding time to eliminate food waste.

How often do you feed a Betta fish?

Most of the time, you will buy an adult betta fish at the pet store. For such a fish, just feed it twice a day. Giving it more food than that would not help the fish, it would simply go to waste as stated above. The fish food label might say that you should feed them more often, but in reality, we know it’s just a trick to get them to buy more fish food. If you end up with a younger betta fish, the feeding remains the same, twice a day. The fish is also like humans: skipping a meal every now and then is not bad. When you don’t give the fish their food, this can help by giving their digestive system a break. Think about how the fish only eats for two minutes and that’s it, this shows how small your digestive system is. A break from feeding also helps fish rid their body of toxins before the next meal arrives. You can feed him just once a day, or skip a day and then go back to the routine.

What do you have to feed a Betta fish?

The other name for the betta fish is Siamese fighting fish. With such carnivorous behavior, it is easy to conclude that this fish likes to eat protein. Below are some of the best types of betta foods to feed you:

  1. Frozen food, such as bloodworms, if you are in a position to get brine shrimp or bloodworms, then it is possible to freeze them so that the fish can feed on them later. You will simply have to thaw them in small batches when it’s time to feed the fish. Although they can be expensive, this type of food comes with a lot of energy for the fish.
  1. Using live food – the live food in this case could be bloodworms. You can feed them directly to the fish so that it can enjoy new proteins. Just make sure you give the fish the correct amount.
  1. Feeding fish flakes might be the cheapest food you will ever buy for your betta fish. If you want to try this type of food, feed them a few times and see their reaction first; Some reports have shown that betta fish don’t always like fish scales.
  1. Use pellets for betta fish. They are not just any type of fish pellets, but special ones made specifically for betta fish. Most people use it as a staple food for their betta fish,and it actually works very well. One thing to keep in mind is that these pellets are quite large so they would sink faster and are not suitable for smaller fish.
  1. Freeze Dried Food … Your Betta would probably see these foods as a treat. According to statistics, it seems that betta fish often like to eat this type of food. You will definitely see them eating more of this type of food than the others if given the chance.


You should always think carefully about the type of food that you will give to a betta fish or any other type of fish. For betta fish, it is notable that fish scales are not their favorite food, so taking the time to choose other types of food is a good idea. Research various fish food options before deciding on one. Some do not always offer the best nutrients. Food with a lot of filler content is not worth feeding your fish.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.