Why Do Cats Like To Eat Fish?

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Fish is one of the favorite foods of cats. Carnivorous animals are attracted to the smells of their prey and the smell of fish is exactly what attracts the cat.

Why are cats attracted to fish?

When the fish is fresh, the smell of its meat is very intense. No cat can resist this scent as they find it very pleasant.

Most canned cat foods have a fishy aroma. Manufacturers know that felines are very attracted to this scent.

Only the noise of the can makes them appear immediately because they know that they will enjoy the smell and taste of the food that they like so much.

On the other hand, it is also believed that cats like fish so much because their wild ancestors fed on them in their natural habitat. Today, although cats are already domesticated, they maintain some of their instincts.

Is it good for cats to eat fish?

Yes, fish is an excellent food for cats as it provides many nutrients and proteins that are good for health. Of course, cats cannot eat only fish, but they must maintain a balanced diet and include this food in it.

Fish contains a lot of protein. Cats are carnivorous animals that need these macromolecules for their development and to stay healthy.

It is true that red meat provides much more protein than fish meat but cats instinctively prefer blue meat.

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In addition, on the other hand, fish contains oil that is also very beneficial for the animal since it favors its brain development.

Cats that eat fish as a puppy are much more intelligent, attentive, and better adapted.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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