How To Choose Best Hearing Protectors For Hunting

Best Hearing Protectors

Hunting is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, due to the risk involved in handling and using high-caliber weapons; On other hands, another situation that makes this activity of an extreme level is that you can get on the way, animals that tend to be very aggressive, such as the case of bears and wolves.

Hunting Ear Protectors

In addition to the above, it is important that you know that your safety and health should always be ahead of any hobby, and when weapons are used, the shots can produce a deafening sound, so your ears could suffer collateral and irremediable damage.

This is where hunting hearing protectors come into play, a tool that is easy enough to use so that you don’t have to use hearing aids to improve hearing in the not too distant future.

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1.Honeywell Howard Leight Impact – Hearing Protection Earmuffs

These earmuffs were designed to protect your safety and hearing protection, and it is one of the best-selling products to be used at shooting ranges and during hunting.

Thanks to its low profile design and incredible features, and excellent recommendations from other users, this is one of the most economical devices on the market, and it will be the best choice you will have.

Howard Leight Impact ear muffs come with a noise reduction of 22, which is considered in the hunting world to be more than enough to adequately protect your ears from the loud sounds of gunshots during shooting. hunting.

On the other hand, among its characteristics, it stands out that it includes a sound amplification system, which makes this product safe in a large percentage.

It has a microphone that allows capturing sounds and amplifications at 82dB, to be able to be aware of what is happening in the area where you are.

Other characteristics that we were able to collect are:

  • The amplification process makes listening to the noises easier for wildlife tracking.
  • It is light enough and comfortable to use throughout the day.
  • These earmuffs include access to enter extra headphones.
  • With a set of batteries, you can use it for 350 hours straight.
  • It has a timer to avoid leaving it on after 4 hours of not using it

2.Surefire Sonic Plus – Ear Protectors

If what you need are earplugs that provide 24 DB noise reduction, the Surefire Sonic Plus is the right accessory for you while hunting.

It has filter caps that allow your ears to be protected after shooting and offers comfort, safety, and durability for long periods of use.

They are discreet enough accessories, being perfect to complement them with another pair of earmuffs, or a helmet.

It has an exclusive EarLock system, which allows you to lock the rings correctly in place, adjusting to the shape of your ear, even when you have not used them for a long time.

Another relevant fact about this earmuff is that thanks to the filters used by this equipment, you could reduce noises above 85 dB, without having to deaf the rest of the sounds.

3.Honeywell Howard Leight Impact Pro – Electronic Ear Protection Helmets

If you want to buy high-end hearing protection equipment, you should consider the Impact Pro model, which comes with a set of electronic ear muffs to be used on the head.

These earmuffs are perfect for those who want to invest enough money in high-performance hunting gear.

It offers a sound and noise reduction index of up to 30 dB, being the best option for hearing protection in areas with a lot of noise.

4.Walker’s Razor – Hunting Ear Muffs

The Walker ?? s Razor is in the running for the top spot of highly-rated products in hearing protection earmuffs, thanks to most of the positive features it has.

This would be the most expensive piece of equipment on the earpiece list, but it’s worth it. The sound offered by this headphone is sufficiently superior to the rest, thanks to the high-performance speakers, which allows you to have a sufficiently dynamic and complete sound range.

The noise reduction index is 23 dB, with a delay of 0.02 seconds of the sound traveling rapidly from the outer part of the omnidirectional microphone.

It has an audio input connector that allows you to listen to music, and works with AAA batteries, having a fairly long duration.

This model has a volume control on and off, which makes it easy enough to use with gloves in cold or winter times.

5.Caldwell E-max – Electronic Ear Muffs

This headset is considered an excellent option for those hunters who are aware of what they are willing to pay, and that covers the greatest of the needs during these activities.

The relationship between quality and price is incredible, the cost is quite low, and it does its job, which is to protect in principle the auditory area of ​​your ears.

The Caldwell E-MAXs are rated at 23 NRR, which means that it is more than enough to protect your ears from the loud sounds that firearms make during hunting shots.

Among its characteristics, we can achieve that it includes a hearing protection mechanism, through an OFF microphone system, which is activated when the sound can exceed the 85 dB barrier.

In turn, another peculiarity of this model is that it has an audio input of two microphones, allowing a true stereo environment to be created with a microphone on each side of the ears.

Guide To Buying Hearing Protectors For Hunting

Many adventurers of this extreme sport cannot imagine the great importance that must be had in terms of hearing protection.

They do not know the level of damage that can occur in the ears at the time it is firing, causing short and long-term deafness, bursting of the inner eardrum, and many other situations that would affect your safety and health.

This type of equipment can be very useful in any situation of people’s daily life, the only problem that can be found is that it is not easy to choose between hundreds of models that fulfill the same function in principle. Protect your ears.

Before choosing the earmuff and buying it, you should first get an idea of ​​your needs, in order to start choosing which are the hearing protectors that can be adjusted to your tastes.

It is important that you know that, when firing firearms, the sound will vary according to the caliber, whether or not it has a noise suppressor, if the weapons are automatic or not if the firing is constant, and many other variants.

Some weapons could generate sounds of at least 140 dB, but also when fired in shorter successions the damage could be much more extensive.

So here we leave you some characteristics that you should take into account.


If what we want is to keep our ears safe, we must bear in mind that we must also keep them comfortable.

Using uncomfortable ear muffs or headphones could completely ruin the hunting experience, so firing the shot would cause our ears to suffer unnecessarily.

And although hearing protectors can be used for other types of tasks or activities of daily life, such as turning on gardening or power tools, the uncomfortable nature of the device could make the situation worse. There is nothing better in life than being practical and that the earmuffs can be adjusted without so much problem to our head.

You must make sure that the materials with which they have been made are soft, comfortable and that they really protect you (remember that the ears are the basis of the stability of your whole body)

Most earmuffs have ear cushions, and that allows noise reduction to be more efficient.

Noise Amplification

Widening the sound can be just as useful to reduce it (it depends on the situation you find yourself in)

Many want to avoid having to listen to the loud noise that the shots produce, however, if you are not able to hear the indications of your hunting group, or if something happens while you are at the shooting range, we talk about your safety would be affected, as well as the rest of the people around you.

Make use of noise amplification, it is almost impossible to do so, if your earmuffs do not have an integrated microphone system, so it is considered in this case, electrical type protection.

In general, this system allows you to hear sounds such as speech, but it does not imply that you listen to the sound around you, allowing you to be able to be aware of what is happening.

And although the microphone could pick up the sound of the wind, and cause a problem, the system that amplifies the audio will allow you to handle this situation with better control.

Noise Reduction Index (Nrr)

This is what we could really consider most important when buying hearing protectors.

The NRR allows you to know the general noise reduction level, in the decibel system (dB), as well as to know which are the sounds that exceed 140 dB (in general, the latter could be harmful to your hearing)

Knowing what the NRR is will allow you to know if the sound of the shot really dampens or softens the noise through the headphones.

In general, earplugs or helmets usually have a noise reduction level of around 22 and 34 dB, but this will depend in principle on the brand, the type of technology it handles, and the materials with which they were manufactured inside.

When we talk about protection, it is because this type of equipment was designed to protect at an upper limit of decibels, which means that they must be able to muffle the sounds of gunfire, which will depend on the weaponry you use.

Some people prefer to combine some equipment to reduce noise since there are users who prefer the features of one, and the noise reduction tools of others.

This means that if you already use some headphones that are responsible for reducing noise, you could use other earmuffs that work to protect your ears, due to the low level of noise reduction.

But we insist, when we talk about shooting as a sports activity, the protection of your ears must always be paramount. And although some weapons may have accessories or modifications included that muffle or silence the noise you make, it is always good to know how much noise is generated while shooting, no matter the level.