How To Choose Best Hunting Equipment

Best Hunting Equipment
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When you go hunting, normally, you have a specific objective and it is this that marks the equipment that is going to be used and precisely that “equipment” is what I am going to write the following lines about Best Hunting Equipment. 

Go ahead, I am sure that my choice does not have to be the ideal one for any hunter, there is no binocular, rifle, or ideal ammunition, it is all a matter of taste and above all of the utility that it will be given. 

Therefore, I do not pretend to evangelize about the material that should be used but what I am going to do is give my opinion about what I use and why I do it, without justifying that it is the best in the world, or that there may be another option as good or better, there each one.

What I look for in my team is maximum quality, since my work depends on it. Bringing the best material, always according to my criteria, gives me more guarantees of success, so looking for the best prices or offers is not a priority for me, that is, I am willing to spend whatever is necessary, obviously within a limit, but it has to be what works best for me. 

What characteristics must it meet? It has to be resistant, I am more than 200 days a year hunting, highly durable and comfortable, since, by habit, I put functionality before aesthetics when it comes to the best hunting equipment.

I understand that for the hunter who hunts as a hobby (obviously I do not include all hunters) the price factor can be very important, but for me, it is not decisive, since it is a work tool, on which the price sometimes depends. the success of my clients. 

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Here Are The Best Hunting Equipment

I will try to describe the equipment I use, motivating my choice that it absolutely has to be the best for everyone, but after having used many brands and types of products, this is the list of the Best Hunting Equipment that I have been using. 


I lean in this case for the Zeiss victory SF 8×42. Very important choice since the optics are key elements. Being able to observe through a perfect lens can be the unbalancing factor in the personal and professional enjoyment of the hunt and it is with which I am most demanding. 

I have chosen these for the sharpness of the image and the weight, in addition, the 8X although they are not ideal to judge a trophy, for that I use the camera, they are ideal to find the animals by the large field of vision. I have tried many binoculars and many brands, and these are the ones that suit me best, me today there are no better binoculars.

As for not carrying a rangefinder, I do not consider it essential and more so when, in my opinion, I think that the electronic elements inside the optics subtract some sharpness, so it does not make the optimal vision, it also makes the binoculars They are heavier and that, when you spend hours whining without a tripod, it shows, the pulse is not the same and that affects visibility. I will not deny that the integrated rangefinder is very useful, I often miss it, but for the moment I resist, I prefer to keep the quality of the optics intact. 


At the moment I had supplied the telescope with a camera, but I have had some problem with the batteries in very cold areas, so taking one to not depend on batteries is a good option, I am considering options, not too heavy and that I can carry in the backpack, allowing a small tripod. I am open to suggestions, although I already have something on my mind 


 I use the NIKON COOL PIX P900, it is amazing that a camera with that price, size, and weight can give the performance that an X83 optical zoom does.

In addition, these years, I have had many surprises recording the shots, many times it gives you the feeling that you have missed a shot, and when you see it in the video you realize that you have not, or the other way around. That is why I invite hunters to the extent possible to record the sets in order to check if the animal is injured or not, although I recognize that individual hunting makes it difficult when you have your goal in front of you, which is not always gives you the necessary time. 


 Currently an aluminum MANFROTTO, but always open to the possibility of switching to carbon. 


Havalon was always sharp and ready to skin any animal, a must. Although recently similar systems from other brands have appeared that I would like to try. 

I have countless knives, a small collection. I currently wear a LAGUIOLE, but for aesthetics. It is a small knife that I use to eat in the field.


 Front LED LENSER. A basic in any hunting backpack. 

Satellite Device: 

GARMIN inReach MINI. This small device has become essential in my travels in recent years, it connects via an app to the phone and uses the satellite to send messages to all your contacts on the phonebook. In addition, you can get routes and other very reliable information in data such as temperature, altitude … It also has several very interesting options, an SOS button for emergencies, and quite accurate weather predictions at any point. 

Straight Rifle 

1.SAUER 404 XTC. Rifle ideal for mountain stalking, which is the most practical modality. Light and reliable rifle with carbon stock. It is a rifle designed for stalking, especially in the mountains. 

VISOR: ZEISS VICTORY V8 2,8_20X56. One of the best scopes on the market, without a doubt, excellent sharpness, red dot, and probably the best turret on the market.

As a highlight, the scope comes with a series of rings for the turret, which differ depending on the caliber and others you use, you put a special ring for your ballistics so that the numbers on it coincide with the real distance, In other words, if I shoot at 400 meters, I put the 4 in the turret and if I shoot at 650 I put the 6.5. This allows you to rectify quickly and efficiently, as well as avoid calculations in times of stress. 

Also noteworthy is the SAUER briefcase, when it is disassembled it is very small and discreet, which is appreciated at airports.

2. More versatile. Blaser R8 338 RM. I am very happy with BLASER, I am a fan of this brand, I think they are magnificent rifles, the rectilinear bolt is a great advantage.

The caliber chosen is the ideal one for large pieces, long and beaten shots, or hunting, as I say, more versatile than the SAUER, but less specialized. 

VIEWFINDER. In the process of changing the viewer, I will keep you informed. 

As an annotation to the previous comments, and this, as I say, becomes personal again, I try to carry ONLY the essential weight in the mountain stalks, I apply that to all the material, I think that carrying a lot of weight can destabilize you many times in complicated steps. 

AFRICAN HUNTING RIFLE: HEYM 416 Rigby. This is the rifle that I use for the great African animals, Buffalo, Elephant… Many factors come into play here, stopping power, a VERY resistant and reliable bolt… 


NORM Tip Strike170gr for the 308W and 

NORMA Hornady SP 200gr for the 338 WM 


For clothing, after several tests, I decide on SITKA, one of the Best Hunting Equipment of technical clothing on the market, although there are also other very good options such as ONCA, KUIU, as I say very personal, I think that with any top-level technical clothing brand we can face any hunt, but in extreme hunts, you have to make the choice of clothing very seriously, it can save us from having a very bad time and I have already given my preference

I also complete the outfit with some NORTH FACE garment, which does not fail! As a comment I would say that the only option is to dress in layers, depending on the weather conditions, there is no other option, if you are looking for a garment for everything, forget it, it does not exist!