The best waterproof trail running jackets

When you really like to go out in the mountains, unexpected rain does not become a problem. Even for some runners, the sensation of running underwater is even pleasant, although of course, without compromising their safety.

One way to be prepared for any environment is to go with the adequate equipment for this type of terrain, where clothing is the most important thing and the best waterproof trail running jacket will be able to keep you protected at all times.

A mountain jacket must be resistant enough to face factors such as wind, rain, and difficult terrain, where choosing one that suits you will get you out of a lot of trouble.

What is the best waterproof trail running jacket?

A trail jacket is characterized by being made of robust materials, in addition to having characteristics such as water resistance, reinforced seams and waterproof membranes inside that improve breathability.

When it comes to a waterproof garment, you will come across terms like Gore-Tex, a waterproof membrane capable of letting sweat escape, but preventing water from entering while it rains.

Equipped with your trail running shoes and a good quality jacket, you will be prepared to travel any type of terrain and, since we have to move in all directions, it is important that but it is not too heavy.

Here are the best waterproof trail running jackets:

01.GORE WEAR R7 trail running waterproof jacket

If you are looking for a trail running jacket that is waterproof, wind-resistant, and also does not weigh too much, this one from GORE WEAR is ideal for different types of runners, but it is especially recommended for the mountains because of its resistance and durability.

It is a light jacket ideal for cold weather conditions, so it can be used during winter.

Highlighting some of its most important characteristics we find:

  • Portable storage design for easy portability when not in use.
  • Soft feel in contact with the skin for more comfortable use.
  • It keeps water out of your interior, keeping you dry even in the most intense rain situations.
  • It has a hood with which you can protect your head area when it starts to rain.

It is not an affordable option so it may not be the most recommended if you are looking for a cheaper waterproof jacket.

02.The North Face waterproof trail running jacket

For those who want a trail running jacket that is capable of lasting for a long time, even when facing rainy situations, this from the renowned brand The North Face could be an interesting option.

It is a jacket designed to last, as it has a polyurethane coating in its manufacture that provides the winning formula: protection against water, the release of sweat, and durability over time.

Among its outstanding features are:

  • The microporous membrane prevents you from getting wet by not letting water enter the jacket.
  • It a very lightweight that you will not notice that you are wearing a jacket when it is not raining.
  • Jacket equipped with panels in its design that achieve better insulation against the cold.

This is an ideal waterproof jacket for adventurers who want to explore new trails in the mountains and who do not want to be slowed down by the rain.

03.Montane Via Featherlite trail running waterproof jacket

Made of light and breathable fabric that allows sweat to evaporate better, this waterproof jacket provides excellent resistance to wind and rain.

It has a DWR treatment for an effective discharge of water, preventing it from being trapped inside the fabric.

Highlighting some of the strongest points we find:

  • A practical chest pocket for easy storage of essentials.
  • An exit point for your headphones, this way they won’t have to go under your jacket, which can be a bit uncomfortable when running.
  • Full-zip that achieves protection in the neck area, in addition to elastic sleeves that adjust to your wrists to prevent water from entering while it rains.

It is the perfect option for those who want a medium price and excellent quality.

04.Helly Hansen waterproof jacket

Made with a windproof fabric that will keep you protected and warm for much longer, this is the most recommended waterproof jacket for those who want to venture to the mountains.

It is polyester and polyurethane construction combine strength and durability, making it a good investment if you spend time on trail running frequently.

It is a jacket that stands out in the selection for some of its characteristics:

  • Two side pockets to store your most essential belongings.
  • It is thin and breathable, but completely suitable to keep you dry during rainy days.
  • Its design makes it appropriate for daily use, is recommended for spring and autumn.

Its ultra-lightweight of only 145 grams makes it a perfect jacket for those who do not want to carry extra kilos when running in the mountains.

05.Ultrasport Hannes Softshell waterproof trail running jacket

To withstand the most demanding wet conditions, this waterproof trail running jacket is ideal for the mountains by combining a strong and breathable construction at the same time.

You can move in any direction, having manufacture with a percentage of spandex that gives flexibility to the garment.

Among its outstanding features we find:

  • Reflective details to make you more visible at night.
  • Made with fabrics that can be machine washed for easy cleaning.
  • Design with protection up to the neck and zipper with chin guard.

It is a light jacket that adapts to any environment, as well as being the most affordable in the comparison.

06.Higher State trail running waterproof jacket

Being a jacket with an anatomical cut, it is one of the best options on the list if you are looking for comfort and protection at the same time.

Its practical adjustable hood is compatible with helmets, which provides greater protection against rain and wind.

It stands out among the selection for its good characteristics, among which are:

  • A full zip that provides protection to the entire chest and neck area.
  • A discreet pocket to safely store your belongings and small items.

It is a good option if perspiration does not worry you so much, since being so waterproof, it compromises a little humidity control inside the jacket, although it is ideal for beginners who want to start in the world of trail running during the seasons cold.

07.Geographical Norway trail running waterproof jacket

With a hydrophobic surface that guarantees that you will be dry even during storms, this waterproof jacket is ideal for fans of mountain running, having enough resistance to face different adverse weather conditions.

It is a jacket with a hood that has an adjustable cord to adapt it to your dimensions and needs.

Among its points in favor it has:

  • 100% synthetic material that guarantees that the jacket will dry much faster, avoiding the accumulation of moisture.
  • It has lightweight, with 260 grams so you can move freely.
  • Its elastic waistband at the cuffs keeps the jacket in place and prevents water from entering.

By including a carrying bag, you can take it everywhere in a simple way. A recommended option for mountain runners.

08.Highlander Stow and Go trail running waterproof jacket

So that you can run in the rain or stay protected from the cold when temperatures drop, this waterproof jacket made from an extra resistant fabric provides protection against wind and water.

Like other models on the list, it has adjustable cuffs with velcro that keep the jacket in place, guaranteeing waterproof.

Among its main features are:

  • A hood with inner mesh fabric and visor with velcro adjustment so you don’t get wet while it rains.
  • Two front zippered pockets for easy access to your things in the middle of the mountain.
  • It can be easily stored in a carry bag for convenience

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