How To Choose The Six Best Deer Hunting Calibers

Every year, around this time, controversy arises among lovers of stalking hunting when it comes to choosing the most suitable The best deer hunting caliber to cleanly kill a deer during the bellowing or a fallow deer in the husk.


Our specialist in weapons and ammunition issues has opted for the 7 mm as it is a very popular medium caliber, strong enough to kill one of these species at this time, and within this family, he has chosen six representatives who will not disappoint us either in the bellowing of the deer, in full swing now, or in the hoarseness of the fallow deer, a few days later, nor in the rest of the stalking of these deer during the general season of big game hunting.

01.7×57 Mauser

It is extremely effective and can mount projectiles with points from 8 grams to 11.2 (100 to 180 grains). Its precision is very good, its trajectory is quite flat and its speed is around – according to weight – 900 m / s with energy in the mouth of about 3,300 joules. There is a version with a 7×57 R flange for two-barreled or swingarm express rifles with similar performance.

02.7×64 Brenneke

If speed represents one of the greatest advantages for long-range shooting, it is not always the best for stalking deer, fallow deer, etc. The 7×64 mounts tips of 8 grams at 11.2, like the 7×57, its speed is close to 900 m / s, and its energy in the mouth at 4,000 joules. There is also a rimmed version, the 7×65 R, with similar characteristics.

03.280 Remington or 7 mm. Remington Express

First named by its manufacturer as the 7mm Remington Express, it was eventually renamed .280 Remington to avoid confusion. There are few real differences between the .30-06, .270 Winchester, 7×64, and .280 Remington, even though the latter is more powerful than its rivals. It mounts tips from 8 grams to 11.5 grams, its speed is about 850 m / s, and its energy of about 3,700 joules. Like its predecessors, it is tremendously effective.

04.7mm Remington Magnum

It is valid for all European and American fauna and part of the soft-skinned African fauna. It shines especially when shooting in the plain, much better than in a forest or with dense vegetation. It has a very tense shot, the point of impact varying very little up to 300 meters. Its speed, depending on the weight of the projectile, is around 970 m / s and its energy exceeds 4,500 joules.

05.7mm-08 Remington

It is a fashionable gauge to stalk in our country. He shoots very well, is pleasant to shoot, and has a good range. Concerning the 7×57 Mauser, of much older conception, it does not contribute much, to say the least, since the small size of its case limits it when it comes to mounting heavy and therefore longer projectiles and that require in turn more powder load.

06.7mm Remington Ultra Magnum

If the 7mm Remington Magnum can be considered as a power inflated 7×64, the Ultra Magnum is like an XXL-size 7×64, that is, using the same 9.07-gram projectile as the 7×64 it launches it at 1,069 m / s, that is, with an increase in the speed of 23 percent and an increase in energy of 51 percent. If we take 800 m / s as the speed reference necessary to cleanly shoot down a deer, we will verify that the Ultra Magnum still carries this speed to 378 meters after exiting the canyon, with a kinetic energy of 296 kg / m, capable to kill any animal of our fauna.