The 10 best fish and chip places in the UK ( Right Information Here)

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best fish and chip places in the UK
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Many are family businesses that use local products and provide an experience that combines the aroma of the ocean with the warmth of the fire pit in a delicious package wrapped in paper.

Finding extraordinary examples of the British national dish is not as easy as searching for great cheeses in Paris or sublime sushi in Japan.

Originally created as an economical food and satiating for the emerging working class of the nineteenth century, most of the 250 million portions of fish and chips ( fish and chips or chippies ) sold today by about 10,000 British sellers of the plate are an unappetizing mixture of overflowing greyish fish, accompanied by scrawny potatoes and flabby bags of ketchup.

It’s no wonder so many visitors in England and the rest of the UK wonder what all the fuss is about, and are looking for a mouthwash strong enough to wash the taste of rancid oil out of their mouths.

It’s a shame because some establishments are major exceptions to that mediocre rule and prove to be a worthy destination.

Many are family businesses that use local products and provide an experience that combines the aroma of the ocean with the warmth of the fire pit in a delicious package wrapped in paper.

You will find the right information here and our selection of the 10 best fish and chip spots in Britain culminates in the latest winner of a prestigious national award.

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1. Chez Fred (Bournemouth)

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A commitment to quality is evident at every stage of this legendary south coast chippy, from the thick potato wedges cooked in rapeseed oil to the homemade peas, a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips in Britain.

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies that cod and haddock are sustainable. Ethical but above all tasty, these are fish and chips par excellence.

We recommend steak with potatoes and mushy peas.

Location and contact information:

8-10 Seamoor Road, Westbourne
Bournemouth BH4 9AN

Tel: (01202) 761023

2. The Company Shed (West Mersea, Essex)

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Keep an eye on the clock when visiting this small seafood joint near the ancient Roman town of Colchester; If you misjudge the time, you run the risk of being stranded when the tide surrounds the tiny island where the venue is.

Not that this is so bad, not at all, the place has a fabulous variety of seafood, from native oysters at 80p each to crab and lobster rolls, cockles, prawns, and local smoked salmon.

The prices are a fraction of what you would pay in London and you can bring your own wine.

We recommend the seafood plate.

Location and contact information:

The Company Shed, 129 Coast Road, West Mersea, Essex; +44 1206 382 700

3. The Big Fish (Stratford-upon-Avon)

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Owner Marina Angelides continued the fish theme throughout her career (she used to sing in a band called The Big Catch) when she opened this restaurant.

Decorated in the retro (or slightly scruffy) look that many venues of the type favor, Big Fish has large windows.

The menu has gluten and wheat intolerant diners in mind, but less picky fans could set their sights on the Big Fish Combo of Cod, Fingerlings, Squid, Shrimp, Haddock, French Fries, Cabbage and Salad.

We recommend whole prawns with french fries and salad.

Location and contact information:

CALL US: 01789 204202

4. The Rock and Sole Plaice (London)

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High prices and low quality dominate London’s West End, kind of like a fish and chip tourist trap.

But the venerable Rock and Sole Plaice is a local exception, this Cypriot-run joint near Covent Garden Piazza has been serving up servings of perfectly slathered cod, crispy potatoes, and mushy peas since 1875.

Both Peter O’Toole and Anthony Hopkins eat here when they are in town.

We recommend cod and potatoes with peas.

Location and contact information:

The Rock and Sole Plaice 47 Endell St., London; +44 207 836 3785

5. Latimer’s Seafood Deli (Sunderland)

Owner Rob Latimer, once a fisherman, presides over the unusual combination of fishmonger and chippy at this site.

Fresh calamari, lobster, crab, and prawns are available in addition to the usual fried items.

We recommend the catch of the day.

Location and contact information:

Latimers Seafood Ltd, Shell Hill, Bents Road Whitburn, Sunderland SR6 7NT; +44 191 529 2200

6. Burton Road Chippy (Lincoln)

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This Lincoln-located chippy is almost a local legend as the demons that supposedly escaped from the city’s spectacular cathedral in medieval times.

The preferred fish here is haddock, cod generally rules in southern Britain and haddock in the north.

Everything is fried on the spot and almost every menu item is prepared on-site from scratch.

We recommend haddock, French fries, and scraps ( scraps, pieces of dough from the bottom of the fryer).

Location and contact information:

Burton Road Chippy, 119 Burton Road Lincoln LN1 3LN; +44 1522 575 201

7. Whetstone Fish Bar (Leicester)

Located in the Midlands or Midlands, away from the coast, this chippy stands out for its commitment to quality ingredients. It is run by the parents of British presenter Gok Wan and the fish arrive daily from Grimsby harbor.

The fish cakes (type croquettes) called fish cakes are huge, and this is the perfect place to try a peculiar custom of the region: adding gravy sauce on the fries before consuming them. (Tastes better than it sounds).

null We recommend: haddock, French fries, and gravy.

Location and contact information:

Whetstone Fish Bar (no website, only Facebook page), 63 Victoria Rd, Whetstone, Leicester LE8 6JY, Leicester; +44 116 284 9585

8. Magpie Cafe (Whitby)

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This harbor venue in a sleepy Yorkshire fishing village draws crowds from before it opens.

Noted for the variety of fish, with sustainable and rarely seen specimens, including blond, haddock, and hake served alongside classics of cod and haddock in an upstairs oak-beamed dining room.

If the restaurant is full, you can sit on the port with a plate to go.

We recommend fried haddock, French fries, and peas.

Location and contact information:

Magpie Cafe, 14 Pier Road
North Yorkshire
YO21 3PU; +44 1947 602058

9. Seniors Fish and Chips (Thornton, Lancashire)

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In classic fish and chips territory, in a small northwestern town of narrow streets with Victorian terraces, Seniors has drawn lines that have been circling the block since it opened in 2006.

Haddock and cod are complemented by sea bass and plaice.

They can make it broiled instead of fried if the thought of a whole fried fish will break your promise to lose some weight this year.

We recommend: fish goujons, meat pudding, and French fries.

Location and contact information:

Seniors Fish and Chips, 221 Cherry Tree Rd, Blackpool FY4 4PJ; ++44 1253 584300

10. The Bay Fish & Chip (Stonehaven)

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What’s officially Britain’s Best Fish and Chip Venue?

In 2013, the winner of this disputed competition – in which everything from customer service to sustainability to hygiene is inspected and rated – is in a fishing village on Scotland’s northeast coast.

One of the Bay’s specialties is fried blood sausage or black pudding, it is a moronga (pig’s blood) sausage prepared with oats, tallow, bread, and potatoes.

Situated by the harbor, the Bay Restaurant also serves haddock straight from the North Sea and mackerel caught by a member of the family.

We recommend: haddock and French fries with black pudding as a garnish.

The Bay, Beach Road, Stonehaven; +44 1569 762000

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.