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best camping knives

In the spectrum of best camping knives, there are many different typologies, since there are many activities that can be included in the concept of camping, which in turn is a related term like others such as adventure, camping, hiking, mountaineering, hunting, and fishing, etc.

We already touched the subject sideways when we focused on the analysis of survival knives.

Many of which could be valid for some of those who end up on this page in search of best-camping knives with a multipurpose profile, powerful, functional, at the same time Rambo style.

If we were asked what we want our camping knives to have, we would focus on the following:

  • The size. We would opt for a knife with a medium blade, neither too 
  • big nor too small, around 12-18 centimeters.
  • The material. For use in nature, we would opt for an 18/10 stainless steel knife with a good thickness, or titanium, always opting for hardness to the detriment of the lightness that other materials would provide. Carbon steel, for its part, being a fantastic material for any type of knife blade, we would discard it in a camping knife because it requires care that, in nature, it is not always practical to give metal.

  • The saw. A powerful cutting edge and multi-purpose saw teeth on the top are the perfect combos to handle diverse situations in the wild.
  • The handle. The handle of a camping knife must be powerful, functional, if possible ergonomic, to facilitate its handling. The material, as long as it is of quality, should not be a stumbling block. We can choose wood or synthetic, without a problem.
  • The extras. In some camping knives, we are going to find very good extra features, such as the friction lighter on the blade, a hole at the end of the handle to hook a rope or a matching sheath. Which can be attached to the belt.

The Best Camping Knives

For all the aforementioned, it is quite difficult to talk about the best camping knife openly, incontestably. In more defined segments such as hunting and fishing, perhaps we can get closer to the concept of “best” without getting our fingers caught.

But in the very broad segment of camping and adventure in general. It is very convenient to see many models to be able to choose the best knife for our needs.

The knife camping Rambo that everything could be in the movie is the idea that many are drawn in mind when making the choice. But it is more appropriate to put yourself in a real situation and make screen knife camping based on the use that we are going to give it, in every way.

Think that if you end up choosing a very large or heavy camping knife. No matter how good it is. You will end up having problems carrying it. You must be moderate, therefore, and adjust the choice to the needs as much as possible.

However, we are going to highlight some models that we would buy as camping knives for different reasons in each case.

All of them being great examples of multipurpose adventure knives.

CDS-Survival Celtibero Camping Knife

With its powerful 14.5-centimeter and 5-millimeter thick blade, made of extreme quality molybdenum vanadium steel (MV 58), offering a hardness HRC 56-58, and its comfortable and resistant 13-centimeter handle. This knife turns out to be a very powerful weapon for the development of any outdoor activity.

CDS-Survival CELTIBERO – Survival Knife Hunting Mount Bushcraft Camping Outdoor Field – Leather Sheath With Flint …

  • All CDS-Survival brand knives are designed for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. These are…
  • Total length: 27.5 cm – Handle length: 13 cm – Blade length: 14.5 cm – Blade thickness: 5.0 mm – Handle in highly …
  • Integral blade in Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58) steel. Hardness: HRC 56-58. High-quality leather multi-position case with accommodation for …
  • It is the perfect tool to carry with your equipment in nature: survival kit, multipurpose knife, Swiss army knife, multitool, …

We have guaranteed durability with minimal maintenance and full functionality due to its quality and toughness.

We like its fantastic sharpness, the design of the curved blade at the tip to end in a peak, the serration on the top, and the hole at the end of the handle.

Undoubtedly, in this CDS-Service, the Celtibero camping knife, widely known by lovers of multipurpose knives for outdoor activities.

The tradition and good work of Albacete knives made with top quality materials are noted, as has always been done in the cradle of cutlery in Spain.

Aitor Jungle King Camping Knife

Our second choice in contention is another classic of multi-adventure knives for camping.

And outings to nature in general: the Aitor Jungle King

AITOR Jungle King Hunting Knife, White, L

  • With cover
  • Compass in grip
  • Made in Spain

If you know about knives, you will already be clear that betting on an Aitor knife is synonymous with absolute quality, the highest quality.

But it is that, in particular, this knife (quite expensive) by the way, although we must take into account the level at which we move) made in Spain.

Is a paragon of good manners, a first-rate resource if we are looking for a camping knife for life.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is a large knife, something more than what we recommend at first.

With its 20.5 centimeters of blade, although it can be an option for those looking for something large.

It has a very powerful double edge that is quadruple at the tip, and a double saw at the top capable of cutting logs with ease.

But its category of multipurpose camping knife is rounded off by its magnificent handle with a compass incorporated in the tip, it is magnesium tablet to light a fire, the capsule inside the handle, the nylon rope that it houses inside, etc.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife Camping Knife

On the other hand, conceived with a more American profile, less precious, and super functional. The Gerber Bear adventure knife (dedicated to the adventurer Bear Grylls) is another fantastic option that we would recommend to anyone who has come to our page in search of the best camping knife.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

  • Gerber: in cooperation with Gerber and British survival expert and adventurers Bear Grylls, ‘premium’ survival knife …
  • Blade: 12.1 cm in length, Full Tang Drop Point 9 cr19mov (stainless) steel blade, sharpener, and special cutting properties for …
  • Handle ergonomic guarantees top-quality handling. The knife due to its structure and non-slip TPE coating is safe in the hand …
  • Sheath: TPE coating (effectively protects against damage), belt loop for a secure grip and quick removal, accessories …
  • Accessories: holster, fire lighter, knife sharpener, whistle, pocket survival guide, and RED TENT microfiber cloth …

Its measurements are perfect, with its 12-centimeter blade of 9 CR19 MOV steel. And its handle of similar size in synthetic material, super durable, ergonomic, and non-slip.

And then, it has all those details that are appreciated in an adventure knife. Like this: built-in firestone, whistle, super sheath, hammer on the end, etc.

Camping Razor Knives

Of course, perhaps the first thing we should ask ourselves if we are not clear about which camping knife to choose.

Is whether we want to opt for a fixed conventional knife, or for a knife that makes it easier to store and transport it.

If we opt for a camping pocket knife,

 we already know that the concept changes in terms of robustness by the mere fact of incorporating a moving part.

We will rarely have a functional serrated saw on the upper part of the blade, etc.

A concept very far from what we have been seeing but which, curiously. Many people also claim as camping knives are the Victorinox multipurpose knives or similar (although the Victorinox are, by far. The best that exist in their segment), by giving us the possibility of undertaking almost any operation with its multiple tools, despite the limitations imposed by size.

Camping and Fishing Knives

There are as many areas of use for a camping knife as we are seeing, that we could make a specific segment for each outdoor activity.

But, unless we are looking for something super specific, most of them have the virtue of being versatile knives and adapt to all kinds of situations.

A good example is hunting knives.

Which are sought as such and which have both aesthetic and functional characteristics that are easily identifiable.

Another typology is that of fishing and camping knives, a concept as broad as it is undefined. In which any camping knife that we have seen before could fit: very functional, powerful, medium-sized knives, with very sharp edges. powerful, etc.

Cheap Camping Knives

One of the consequences that anyone who has come this far should draw is that when buying camping knives we can spend any amount.

Or rather, said, we can find models that move at very distant prices, from 15 or 20 euros of the cheapest, which we do not recommend in almost any case, going through intermediate models between 40 and 80 euros, and coming close to 300 euros in the case of the best knives for camping.

If we are not in an excessive hurry. It is convenient to take some time in search of the camping knife that best suits your expectations and your pocket.

Before buying a cheap camping knife of dubious quality, that does not serve as much.

On certain occasions, we can find camping knives on sale, especially outside of the quintessential camping season (spring and summer), which can make the investment cheaper.

An option, in any case, almost always more advisable than buying second-hand camping knives. Unless we are very convinced that the use that has been given them has been optimal.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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