7 Tips With Best Emergency Blankets

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Aluminized plastic has been around for some years, at NASA and also being used during the seventies by French mountaineers, it was a piece that could not be missing in your first aid kit when venturing to climb. Nowadays, as a fanatic of hiking, camping, and going out for trails in different mountains, I have noticed the importance of having the best emergency blankets among my survival kit, which could even save me from suffering from hypothermia. and even life.

The Best Emergency Blankets

  • 1. MIGIMI 10-piece emergency blanket
  • 2. ANGTUO Reflective First Aid Thermal Blanket
  • 3. CLUSAZ emergency blanket
  • 4. Ewinever emergency blanket
  • 5. SALEWA emergency blanket
  • 6. SODIAL (R) emergency blanket
  • 7. BRAMBLE emergency blanket!

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Here are  the best emergency blankets:

1. MIGIMI 10-piece emergency blanket waterproof and resistant to the thermal wind

If you are looking to put together the best kit to start your hiking and camping adventures, one of the essential pieces that should be in your backpack is the Migimi emergency blankets. It is precisely a 210 x 160 cm aluminized paper in gold and silver tones, specially designed so that you can protect your body from the inclemency of a storm or cover yourself from a thermal wind. Also, this utensil is practical, light, and bright, giving you better refraction in those cases where you have lost your way and need the rescue team to find you quickly.

2.  ANGTUO Reflective First Aid Thermal Blanket

           For the first aid kit

When you are fans and passionate about the world of climbing, hiking in snowy places and even mountain biking, it is always good to have a thermal blanket on hand that can reflect the heat of your body in case of an emergency or that start a strong storm midway. 

Thinking about it, the people of Angtuo have manufactured polyethylene terephthalate blankets, capable of providing you with safe insulation and up to 90% of the heat retention of your body. The pieces are compact, ultra-light, and essential for your emergency kit.

3.  CLUSAZ emergency blanket

           Individually sealed

Going out camping or hiking can be a lot of fun, as long as you have the necessary equipment to keep you safe and prepared for any situation that may arise, even those where your life may be in danger and, for this, having an emergency blanket it is extremely appropriate.

A good quality emergency blanket like these from CLUSAZ will become essential among your survival kits since with its manufacture with insulating materials it will provide the necessary heat when you are in extremely cold conditions or rainy climates.

In individual packages, these emergency blankets are perfect to carry in your bag or backpack, as they will not take up too much space or add unnecessary weight to carry.

4.  Ewinever emergency blanket

          The strong, durable, and insulating material

An emergency blanket specially designed to become an essential element among your hiking and camping equipment, because it is made with excellent quality materials that, in addition to being a fairly affordable option, will keep you warm and protected in any situation.

It is made up of five pieces of insulating reflex material that keeps the heat inside the blanket or makes you stay cool as it reflects the clarity of its surface, so your body will be at a comfortable temperature even on most days and conditions. cold or hot.

Its size is perfect to take them on excursions and also to carry in the car if you travel long distances and want to be very well prepared.

5.  SALEWA emergency blanket

           210cm x 160cm dimensions

If the SALEWA brand is known for something, it is for its excellent equipment to use in the mountains, among which we must mention these high-quality emergency blankets, since it is less expensive than other models, one of its greatest advantages being that it is a reusable thermal blanket that you can store to use on another occasion.

Its packaging is ideal to carry in your backpack because it is not thick like other models, but it comes in a very thin package that will fit into any compartment of the bag without much problem.

As it has two faces, one in gold and one in silver, it is perfect to use during hot or cold situations, helping to maintain temperature or deflecting the sun’s rays by reflecting them off its surface.

6.  SODIAL (R) emergency blanket

         The best selling model

If you want to buy an emergency blanket for your survival kit and you are looking for a cheap, quality, and extremely resistant option, this may be the right model for you, not to mention that it is the best seller on Amazon in terms of emergency thermal blankets.

Its material is one of the things that its users stand out the most since it is durable, shelters a lot and its packaging is quite small, which makes it ideal to carry on your trips on foot as a hiker or even by car.

It is a waterproof, windproof model that reflects more than 90% of the body’s heat, so it will be perfect to include it in your emergency kit and always travel prepared for any situation.

7.  BRAMBLE emergency blanket!

         Pack of 10 units

A great way to start this comparison is with one of the best options on the market, an emergency blanket that is highly recommended by its users, because it has an excellent value for money, being a fairly inexpensive package that will give you 10 blankets of emergency to use.

It also stands out for its extremely portable, light, and small size. This will be ideal to carry easily in the car or in the backpack, this way you can help someone who needs it on the road or protect yourself from low temperatures thanks to the blanket Aluminized that retains heat very well as it is made of insulating materials.

A quilt that cannot be missing from your hiking gear. Especially if you are frequent adventurers who enjoy spending time in nature.

Buying Guide: The Best Emergency Blankets

What are the best emergency blankets?

Emergency blankets are blankets created with very thin and isothermal plastic, with aluminized faces. Which are responsible for sheltering or reflecting the sun’s rays, keeping your body at a good temperature in emergencies.

These are extremely useful in cases of accidents where you are in the middle of nowhere without access to a warm or cool place. Therefore, it is always advisable to include them in your survival kit.

Are the best emergency blankets warm?

The answer is yes. These blankets are quite warm since their main function is to isolate the heat of the body to keep it warm in low temperatures.

And that, depending on the type of blanket and the aluminized faces it has, it will also serve to protect from UV rays and temperatures. higher or extreme.

How long do best emergency blankets last?

The duration of these blankets will depend on the model you choose. Some can be used several times, on different occasions. So that by saving and folding it you will have it ready to give it a new use.

Whereas there are also disposable blankets that will only serve one-time use. But generally speaking, these blankets are quite sturdy and durable.

What other materials can they be made of?

These blankets, as we have already indicated throughout the article, are usually made of plastic.

This is a highly recommended material to insulate heat, but they can also be found in polyester, nylon and even polyethylene, any of these are large options that will keep you warm in extreme situations.

What should you consider when choosing the best emergency blankets?

When looking for a good emergency blanket. You must keep in mind certain criteria and essential factors that any quality model must-have, from the material with which they are made. Which is fireproof, to the possibility of making an emergency shelter with this.

So that you do not get lost in the search, take into account the following:


You already know what materials emergency blankets can be made of. Now, you should look for a model that is made with one of them and that the option is always waterproof and capable of keeping you warm.


Take into account that these blankets must be large enough to shelter your entire body. Therefore, look at their dimensions and that they are greater than 150cm and 200cm.


Remember that this is a piece of equipment to carry in your backpack or within your hiking equipment. So it is convenient that it is very light and does not add additional weight.


Being in contact with nature it is possible to find all kinds of climates, where rain can always be present. Find an emergency blanket that is waterproof and will keep you dry, even in a storm.


Extreme windy conditions and, above all, cold blizzards, can undo an entirely outdoor experience. Where your warm clothes will not seem enough.

To avoid this, an emergency blanket that is also windproof will keep you safe. And very well sheltered from the cold.


Remember that there are single-use blankets and others that you can use on different occasions. Also, take into account the durability of the material with which they are manufactured.

In this way you will get a model of excellent quality and very resistance.

Heat level:

How much will the blanket be able to keep you warm? Do you need it to take you to the snow?

So the best thing is to get a model that keeps you very warm, with a high level of insulation that prevents the heat from coming out of its interior when you are covered with it.

Emergency Signal:

The emergency blanket must have a reflective color such as gold or silver. In this way,

it will be much easier for other people to be able to see you in low light conditions and any emergency.

Anti humidity:

Being waterproof, emergency blankets can be used to keep moisture out of your tent. So look for a model that is waterproof and will serve more than one function.

Dry clothes:

Another function that you can give to a waterproof emergency blanket, is to be able to carry a change of clothes wrapped in that one. In this way, it will always remain dry.

Collect rainwater:

Staying hydrated is a must when doing any outdoor activity. And getting water in the middle of nowhere can be a challenge.

So that you can recharge your water bottle, you can make use of an emergency blanket that has the necessary dimensions to install it so that there is a depression or hole in its middle and collects the rainwater. So you should always look for a blanket to make it big enough.

Emergency shelter:

If you go hiking and have stayed in a remote place during the night where it is better to camp. But you have not taken a tent, then your emergency blanket will save you from that situation by being able to use it as a shelter, as long as it counts with the necessary dimensions.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.