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Best Travel Backpacks

The best travel backpacks have evolved a lot in recent years. Today’s designs are stylish, practical, and more innovative than ever, with features to suit any lifestyle. And activity you can think of. From ultra-durable adventure best travel backpacks, built for the outdoors, models specifically designed for hiking or mountain biking. To innovative backpacks with built-in cutting-edge technology. In short, designs to suit everything from transporting laptops and camera gear to all your travel gear and gadgets.

  • Best hiking backpacks
  • Best anti-theft backpacks

Whether you’re a digital nomad a backpacker. Or a stylish urban explorer. These best travel backpacks will enhance your next trip.

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2 Overall: NOMATIC Travel Backpack

Here’s a summary of the best backpacking packs for any years

Overall: NOMATIC Travel Backpack

  • Cycling: Timbuk2 Special Medium Cycling Laptop Backpack
  • Digital Nomads: Advanced Solar Backpack by Beam
  • Outdoor Adventure: Topo Designs Rover Pack
  • EDC: Backpack Peak Design Everyday Backpack
  • Minimalist Design: Bellroy Slim Backpack
  • Security: Bobby Urban Anti-theft Backpack
  • For Durability: GORUCK GR3
  • The gym: RYU Locker Pack LUX 24L
  • Rolling Backpack: Samsonite Encompass Convertible Rolling Backpack
  • Carry-on: Tortuga Setout Backpack
  • For style: Berluti Volume Calf Leather Backpack Medium Vitello
  • For Hiking: Osprey Talon 22
  • Short Trips: Allpa 35L Cotopaxi Travel Package
  • Outdoor Photography: Shimoda Explore 40
  • For urban photography: VENUE Campro
  • For Fishing: Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad
  • Picnic: VonShef 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Tablecloth
  • Charging Your Devices: HP Powerup Backpack
  • Urban Explorers: Sandqvist Harald Backpack
  • Waterproof: Matador Free rain 24 2.0
  • Expandable: Backpack G-RO XV Carbon fiber

Overall BEST Travel Backpacks: NOMATIC Travel Pack

The NOMATIC Travel Pack is designed for trips of 3 days, this design is robust, elegant, and very well organized, with pockets and compartments for practically everything. It also expands from 20L to 30L to suit any travel plan, and it comes with cool and thoughtful features like the magnetic bottle holders or the innovative strap system, which allows you to turn it into a briefcase. The combination of style, quality, and functionality makes this product the best travel backpack.

Best Cycling Backpack: Timbuk2 Special Medium Cycling Laptop Backpack

Ride like a pro with the Special Medium Cycling Laptop backpack from Timbuck2! Designed specifically for cyclists, this expandable backpack keeps contents dry in the rain thanks to its durable Cordura nylon fabric and waterproof inner lining.

Best travel Backpacks for Digital Nomads:

Beam Solar Backpack

It’s cleverly laid out with a “work zone” and a “living zone”, so you can keep your work items and personal belongings separate, and it comes with anti-theft features like secret pockets and an integrated/retractable cable lock.

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Best Travel Backpacks for Outdoor Adventure: Rover Pack

Handcrafted in Colorado using nearly indestructible 1000d Cordura fabric, the Rover Pack is built for great durability. Design vintage modern, it has a spacious main compartment with an internal laptop sleeve and two practical external pockets for quick access to essentials.

Best EDC Travel Backpacks: Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack

Do you want a stylish, smart, and multifunctional bag that fits perfectly in all environments? Look no further than Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack! Add expandable external pockets, a dedicated 15 ″ laptop sleeve, and a variety of carrying methods, and you’ll find the best backpack for your everyday use.

Best Minimalist Travel Backpacks : Bellroy Slim Backpack

If there is a brand that understands the meaning of functional simplicity, it is Bellroy. Its clean, sleek appearance and comfortable 16-liter capacity make it the perfect choice for fashion creatives and urban adventurers. Wrapped in lightweight soft woven polyester with stylish leather details, your Slim Backpack is the definition of impeccable minimalism. Features a waterproof folding clasp with a magnetic strap.

Best laptop backpacks for travel: Timbuk2 Authority

This premium laptop backpack from Timbuk2 features a padded rear access laptop sleeve, plus other internal/external pockets to keep things neat while traveling. There’s even a side pocket for the water bottle, as well as an organizer panel to neatly store work supplies or other essentials. The Authority laptop backpack is very light and is available in a range of soft and pleasant grays.

Best Anti-theft Backpack: XD Design Bobby Urban Anti- Theft Backpack

Hidden RFID-protected zippers, cut-proof outer fabric, and a steel combination lock for the main compartment make XD Design’s Bobby Urban the safest anti-theft backpack on the market. Not only that, but the bag is also water-repellent, looks good, and holds a decent amount of stuff, including a laptop up to 15.6 “and a tablet up to 12.9”. It even comes with a removable elastic net for your sports gear.

If you are looking for an anti-theft backpack that is cool, light, and comfortable, and all without cutting a hole in your pocket, this is it!

Best Tactical travel Backpacks : GORUCK GR3

Highly efficient, surprisingly attractive, and designed to withstand the harshest environments, the GORUCK GR3 takes you from city streets to war zones with ease.

Made from quality Special Forces material, this tactical backpack is nearly indestructible without compromising its appearance. With 3 large compartments and 8 pockets, it packs everything you need into one handpiece that fits under your seat, making it ideal for long trips. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the world with just one bag, you’ll have a hard time finding a better one for the job.

As you might have thought, the GR3 is packed with features (think quiet zippered pools, Molle accessories, rain-proof outer material, and extra padded straps), but the highlight is the bomb-proof laptop compartment, something it doesn’t. you will find in no other backpack, tactical or not.

Best Gym Backpack: Locker Pack LUX 24L

Thanks to its innovative construction and minimal urban aesthetic, the RYU Locker Pack LUX feels right at home in the gym, in the office, or on the go.

Constructed from tough DWR-treated canvas with a tasteful leather finish, the backpack is water-repellent and fits comfortably on a 15-inch MacBook Pro, plus water bottles, packaging, duct tape, and even a change of clothing.

As well as allowing access to the interior pockets from the outside, its unique design is complemented by a top closet loop, making it easy to place the bag anywhere. Plus, the flip-open front opening makes packing/unpacking easy and gives you full access to all your items inside.

Best Rolling Travel Backpacks Samsonite Encompass Convertible Wheeled Backpack

Zippered backpack straps, retractable handles, and adjustable suspension allow this Samsonite piece of luggage to go from rolling carry-on to backpack in no time.

But the Encompass Convertible Rolling Backpack excels at more than just versatility. Made of waterproof materials, it keeps your belongings safe in a downpour without sacrificing aesthetics. Another strong point is the intuitive organization of the business, with a padded laptop compartment, tablet sleeve, FOB key fob, and plenty of interior pockets. Last but not least, the padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed, and the RFID Data Vault protects your passport and debit cards from electronic pickpockets.

The perfect fusion of style and functionality makes this rolling backpack a truly reliable travel companion, whether you’re heading to the meeting room or the airport.

Best travel backpacks to carry: Setout backpack

The good looks, the perfect size, and a series of thoughtful details make the latest Tortuga travel backpack among the best carry-on luggage on the market.

The Setout is a full-size carry-on backpack with tons of internal space, but when it comes to packing and organization, it performs like a suitcase. Unlike traditional backpacks, it opens at the sides, like a book, and features designated spaces for your laptop and other essentials on the go.

The design is simple and understated, which means you’ll probably want to wear it on all your adventures, not just that backpacking trip to Europe.

The best travel backpacks for luxury travel: Berluti Volume Medium

Let the Berluti master craftsmen elevate the backpack from the utilitarian handbag to the elegant fashion accessory! Crafted from exquisite Vitello Fiore leather, the Volume Medium backpack is a true work of art, enriched with bike-style padded details and woven with the “Scritto” brand signature, inspired by the calligraphy of an ancient manuscript.

As part of the new “Off the Road” collection, this men’s bag invites you to explore the mysterious landscapes of Iceland but is also useful for stylish jet setters on weekend city holidays or professionals preparing to take your laptops to work. In general, it is the best travel backpacks for the gentleman of demanding tastes, with a price worthy of investment to match.

Best camera travel backpacks for outdoor photography: Shimoda Explore 40


Independent internal units for camera organization, multiple access points to your gear, and innovative features that minimize physical fatigue ensure you won’t find a better backpack for outdoor photography than the Shimoda Explore 40.

This camera carry pack is packed with innovative features designed to meet the needs of today’s adventure photographers, including a floating lid, 15 liters of adjustable volume, and ergonomically designed shoulder straps that help balance weight comfortably at across his chest. Its lightweight nylon resin shell is built to withstand the most extreme outdoor environments.

Best Hiking Travel Backpack: Osprey Talon 22

Osprey is known for making some of the Best Travel Backpacking packs out there, and the Talon 22 is no exception.

Lightweight, durable, and loaded with functionality, this is the most versatile pack for casual outings. There are pockets and storage compartments for all your needs, as well as an updated AirScape back panel for breathability and carrying comfort. Plus, outdoor enthusiasts will love the plethora of practical hiking features, including hydration sleeve, trekking pole attachment, and compression straps.

At 22 liters, this hiking backpack is the perfect companion for a full day, whether you’re climbing a mountain, biking in the countryside, or hiking in the woods. It also features a stylish and comfortable design, making it a pleasure to take with you everywhere.

Best pet carrier travel backpacks : TOPSOSO Deluxe

Would you like to take your furry friend with you wherever you go? Here’s a great item to add to your arsenal of pet travel accessories!

Modern, nifty, and easy to carry, the TOPSOSO Deluxe Pet Carrier keeps your hands free and your companion happy while hiking, biking, or strolling around town. Combining high-quality PVC with waterproof mesh fabric, it has a large clear front window with multiple vents, allowing your cat or puppy to breathe fresh air while enjoying the scenery.

Sturdy, lightweight, and convenient, this pet backpack is roomy enough to accommodate small dogs, puppies, and most cat breeds in maximum comfort.

Best travel Backpacks for Short Trips: Allpa Travel Pack

The blend of 1000D polyester coated with TPU and 1680D ballistic nylon panels give the Allpa Travel Pack robustness that’s hard to match.

Designed by the Salt Lake City-based outdoor gear brand Cotopaxi, this hybrid backpack-bag is theft-proof, waterproof, and carry-on compatible, with a capacity of up to 35 liters. Its bivalve corset opening makes packing and unpacking easy, while the adaptable strap design lets you carry it your way, depending on the occasion. 

Whether heading for a short trip or the adventure of a lifetime, the Allpa is a brilliant, multipurpose best travel backpacks ready for the road.

Best Camera travel Backpacks for Urban Photography: VENUE Campro

Urban photographers looking for a fashionable solution to carry cameras should take a look at the Campro. Designed by Toronto-based luxury travel brand VENUE, this urban-inspired DSLR backpack stands out from the crowd with its unique retro style and premium materials.

Made from Quanta weather-resistant fabric and accented with tanned leather accents, the bag is sure to flip your head while offering maximum protection for your gear thanks to its convertible camera compartment and cover. for the rain. In addition to the camera, lenses, and accessories, it also fits essential weekend travel items such as clothing, toiletries, and electronics.

Best Fishing Backpack: Tackle Tek Nomad

With an integrated LED lighting system, a front bag that doubles as a work surface, and ample storage space with many compartments, the Tackle Tek Nomad sets a new standard for fishing backpacks.

This Wild River fishing bag is large, durable, and extremely versatile, with unmatched organizational ability. In addition to the main compartment, it has four side pockets, a sunglasses holder, and a storage tray. Additional bonuses include a protective rain cover, wide padded shoulder straps, a removable battery holder, and net loops to secure smaller tools.

Best Picnic Travel Backpacks: VonShef Four Person Backpack with Tablecloth

Equipped with a four-person dining set and an extra-large, sturdy blanket, this VonShef picnic backpack has everything you need for a memorable cookout with friends and family. The best part, though, is its foil-lined insulated compartment, which keeps food chilled for longer.

Constructed from 600d polyester, with a waterproof outer shell and stylish leather-colored leather accents, the pack is both durable and attractive. It also features an integrated bottle holder, sturdy straps, and carrying handle, as well as practical picnic accessories like salt and pepper shakers, bottle openers, and a cutting board.

Best Tech Backpack: HP Powerup Backpack

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2017, the HP Powerup Backpack impresses with its smart and uncluttered structure, cutting-edge attributes, and sleek, modern design.

Armed with a massive 22,400 mAh battery, this rugged duffel backpack charges your laptop, tablet, and smartphone on the go while meeting safety requirements for onboard carry-on luggage.

Ventilated pockets and a built-in heat sensor keep you from overheating, and there are dedicated slots for each type of mobile device, plus built-in cable routing, so you can stay well organized at all times. It is also complemented by inner padding and a raincoat for maximum protection.

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Best Travel Backpacks for Urban Exploration: Sandqvist Harald Backpack

Part of Sandqvist’s Urban Outdoor series, Harald is a stylish and practical backpack with a sporty flair.

Finished in water-resistant Cordura EcoMade polyester, it features an attractive, contemporary design, with adjustable shoulder straps and two exterior pockets on each side of the bag. An additional laptop compartment on the back of the backpack fits most 13 ″ laptops and multiple zippered pockets keep small items secure inside.

Although perfectly suitable for urban walks, this durable Swedish kit can also double as a second bag on long trips, or as a backpack for recreational activities.

Best waterproof backpack: Matador Free rain 24 2.0

Any high-quality, water-resistant backpack will do a decent job of keeping your belongings safe and dry during rain or snow. Matador’s Freerain24 2.0, however, does this and much more. At just 6 ounces, it’s the most packed waterproof backpack on the market, folding from a 24-liter backpack to a ridiculously small package that fits in the palm of your hand.

Its ultralight design, along with its weight-distributing shoulder straps, removable storage bag, and fully waterproof main compartment, make it an excellent companion for most travelers, from city tourists to hobbyists. festivals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Best Expandable Backpack: G-RO Backpack XV Carbon Fiber

With a neat, ergonomic design and tons of smart features, it’s hard to find a better expandable backpack for short and long trips than this utility-style suitcase from G-RO.

Thanks to its revolutionary expansion system, the XV Carbon Fiber Backpack is capable of doubling its capacity (15L to 32L) and has multiple handles so you can carry it in different ways (even as a briefcase). Convenient organizational features like a three-door laptop compartment, a rigid sunglass sleeve, and a secret back pocket keep everything in place, while a water-protected external USB port lets you charge your gadgets. while traveling.

Constructed of ultra-durable and water-resistant materials, including luxurious carbon fiber, this backpack is just as suitable for everyday travel as it is for weekend adventures.

How to select the best travel backpacks for a trip

There is something so liberating about traveling with a single bag. All your important things are at your fingertips, and it forces you to cut down on many of the seemingly necessary consumer goods for life that you can probably do without. With a bag, you easily slide from one place to another, always having enough, but never too much.

Choosing the perfect travel backpack for a luggage trip can be a difficult task. There are so many makes and models to choose from with varying degrees of durability, price, and testability (we’ve come up with this word to test something before you buy it online). Add different points of view and opinions to the mix of people with different values, needs, and body types, and you have tons of options to explore. Whether you are a new traveler preparing for your first trip, a digital nomad going through the phase of “sell everything I have and put it in a backpack”, or if you are somewhere in between, it is essential to have the best travel backpack that works for you.

Here’s the bottom line: No “best” backpack is perfect for every traveler in every setting. However, we believe that everyone can find a package that is perfect for their unique needs. In this guide, we’ll break down the factors that we consider most important when choosing the perfect travel backpack for you.

 This means that we are using and testing these products every day to better understand what is available and how each bag can attract different types of travelers. If you’d rather skip all of this information and go straight to the backpacks we’ve reviewed, you can take a look at all of our Travel Backpack Reviews.

Why backpacks? Why a backpack versus standard wheeled luggage?

We have found that backpacks give you much more mobility. You can go through airports. Never again will you stay around a baggage carousel after a long trip. And as long as your backpack meets the size of your carry-on, you will never lose your luggage, ever. Depending on your travel style and what you are transporting, it all depends on your personal preferences, both wheeled luggage and backpacks can be good options. In this guide, we’ll focus on travel backpacks for a couple of reasons:

Feel free

You have both hands free and you are not constantly dragging something behind you. No matter what terrain you are walking on, you will never have the hassle of noisy or unstable wheels behind you with standard travel luggage. Sure, wheel bags work like a charm on the smooth floors of airports and hotels, but how about the winding cobblestone roads of Paris or a sandy beach on Ko Pha Ngan? You can traverse almost any terrain when you carry a backpack.

The Best Travel Backpacks are Versatile and Usually Light

If you pack light enough, you can comfortably carry all your belongings at once. Did you arrive earlier than your hotel or your Airbnb check-in? No problem, just take your backpack with you during the day, you don’t need to drop off your luggage. Versatility at its finest.

We can’t necessarily guarantee that the pack will be light if you fill it with a bunch of heavy stuff (like camera gear), so we’ve made a Travel Camera Guide too 

Provide flexibility

You will take up less space on the plane or public transport. You’ll generally feel more agile in the face of the need to haul luggage, with the bonus of not looking like an out of place tourist. Offer a more adventurous lifestyle by always being ready to go. And, you can easily take that train that is about to leave without having to run sideways with a wheel bag or two.

Using the best travel backpacks in travel contexts

In this guide, we look for travel versatility. We want you to look good carrying these bags in an urban setting, but also have the flexibility to go hiking for a couple of days of camping without your backpack being ruined by the elements. If you have a roll-up piece of luggage, it’s going to be difficult to do that spontaneous one-day hike through ½ on the trail to the neighboring town you’ve been wanting to visit. In the same way, if you want to post to a coffee shop for an office workday, you’re going to look out of place with a bulky, multi-colored hiking bag. The packs mentioned in this article integrate into most urban environments and are durable enough to withstand the abuse of longer excursions.

The best backpack size and weight for air transport of carry-on luggage

We prefer smaller bags that fit under the seat in front of you. Yes, it can be a challenge to put your whole life in a 40-liter bag, but boy is it worth it! Trust us, you can carry your entire life in an 18-liter backpack if you are disciplined and we highly recommend staying under 50 liters for a trip in a single bag. Life is easier with a smaller and lighter backpack.

Airlines can be quite stingy about the amount of weight you carry with you when you travel. It is important to ensure that your backpack is not too heavy, as that ultimately works against you, allowing you to fit in less clothing and other travel gear (we are all in favor of less clothing and equipment, but you should try to avoid the pain of carrying a heavy carry out). Airlines around the world have many weight and size restrictions. We have found Minaal’s to be quite accurate.

Actual volume

It’s easy to get caught up in all this talk about the liters in a backpack. There is no “industry standard” around this and the liter size of a container can vary from brand to brand. What is most important is the “True Volume” of a backpack, and how useful space is. A strange backpack in the shape of a trapeze will certainly be more challenging than something with a larger rectangular compartment. The thickness and flexibility of the material also matter. A thin and strong material will leave you with more space inside a backpack than something with thick padding in the lining, however, an inflexible material – for example a Dyneema – does not have much additional flexibility and is not very forgiving when you are trying to pack your bag to the brim.

Packing profile

The thinness of a package can go a long way. Not only does it look less heavy because the weight is close to your back, but it also has the added benefit of giving you a smaller, slimmer form factor. With this, you will not take up too much space in public transport or hit people in the face when boarding the plane; it will be a better experience for you and everyone around you.

Aer Travel Pack 2

The Aer Travel Pack 2 is large enough to comfortably use as a single bag solution but not too large to carry as a backpack. The added compression straps make it even better, allowing you to empty your bag except for what you need during the day and to cinch the straps to create a smaller backpack for everyday use. TIP: Backpacks that offer a more “square” shape tend to hold more than bags of other shapes, but sometimes that comes with a cosmetic penalty (unless you’re in a box on your back).

Maximum legal carry-on bag

 Be sure to check with your airline before arriving at the airport, although size limits may vary depending on the airline you are flying with.

Tortuga Setout Backpack

The Tortuga Setout is a maximum legal carry-on that is “perfect” for the average traveler. The package is designed to give you the ability to carry more on your trips, while still fitting within the limits of most airlines. It is like a suitcase, but it works like a backpack. Again, be sure to check the airline you are flying with.

Top Load Backpacks vs. Panel Load Backpacks (Clamshell)

There is a lot of debate surrounding clamshell and top load packages. We are fans of the clamshell for a bag trip as it gives you more open space to work. Clamshell works more like a suitcase, really mixing the elements of a backpack and suitcase. You can easily open it and see everything inside, so it tends to be easier to organize all your travel gear. Toploaders are great if you are on a long multi-day hike or participating in other outdoor activities, as there is no main rack to let you down (which could be catastrophic if you are halfway up Mount Everest on a climb ).

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L

The Eagle Creek Global Companion is a clamshell-style backpack that opens to expose two mesh compartments on each side. Its large separate compartments work great for packing cubes or rolled clothing, whichever you prefer.

Weather resistance

Weather resistance is another key component to consider when traveling for a bag. With all your tech gear and expensive possessions in your backpack, what’s the point of getting it all wet? We are looking for packages with great weather resistance that allow you to easily get through light rain, and ideally during 20 minutes of monsoon in Southeast Asia. There is a big difference between waterproof bags and waterproof ones. We focus primarily on the latter, as this will suffice in most situations. 

Mission Workshop Fitzroy VX

The Fitzroy VX Mission Workshop uses weather-resistant materials, while also providing various weather-resistant compartments and weather-resistant zippers. We have found that it holds up decently in a downpour, even if you are caught in a torrential storm you should be okay with the PET waterproof membrane.

Have something that needs extra weather protection? Consider picking up a bag from Daka. It will give your valuables that extra layer of protection without the need for you to buy a completely waterproof bag, these bags also double as organizers, separating your precious gear from the rest of your cargo with some added protection. It is a win-win situation.

Durability and quality

Whether you’re traveling for a week, a month, or a year or more, your backpack is practically your home, so you don’t want it to break. Take it from us: The last thing you want to know is if you lost your phone charger because the zipper broke during the trip to your next accommodation. You should feel good about investing in a good backpack because the highest quality products will not only prevent loss and damage to your equipment but will also last for years. It can be challenging to know if a backpack is durable right out of the box. We test the bags as much as we can to detect faults and prevent breakage on the road. Greater durability usually means greater weight, but not always. Here are a couple of key considerations we have found when it comes to durability:

Trakke Storr Carry-On best travel Backpacks

When it comes to durability, the Trakke Storr doesn’t beat around the bush. Trakke even goes to great lengths to make sure their bags “live as long as you do,” which is the goal, and they are undoubtedly doing their best!


YKKK zippers are some of the best on the market, and the best travel backpack brands tend to use them. They are super strong and have different weights depending on the area of ​​the pack being used.

A YKK # 10 would be super strong for the main compartment, while a YKK # 4 may be suitable for smaller side pockets that don’t get as much use or strain.

YKKK is obsessed with quality and they make it all in-house – they smelled their brass, forged their zipper teeth, and even make the machines that make their zippers and the cardboard boxes they are shipped in.

All of this means that you won’t end up with broken zippers, one of the most frustrating things that can happen while traveling. YKKK zippers also account for about half of all zippers in the world, so that says something. Although less popular, the RiRi zippers are pretty good too. Both RiRi and YKK will be superior to any other zipper made in-house by a bag maker.


The GORUCK GR2 is one of the most durable packages out there, with tons of high-quality material such as YKK CORDURA® zippers, designed by a green ex-beret, that won’t break. How do we know that? We have tested it on the road, every day for a year. GORUCK founder Jason McCarthy claims he won’t be wearing anything but YKK zippers, and he built a company to put weights in his exercise bags. If the YKKK zippers are good enough to hold up in combat, they’re good enough for an urban one-bag trip as far as we’re concerned. The GR2 comes in at 4.75 pounds when empty.

Fabric and material of the best travel backpacks

There are a ton of fabrics and materials out there, too. When looking at fabrics, you will often see a number followed by a D-250D, 950D, 1500D, etc. The D stands for denier, a term used to measure the thickness and weight of the fabric – specifically yarn.

The formal definition is mass (in grams) per 9,000 meters of yarn, so light fabrics (such as silk) have a very low denier, while heavier fabrics have a higher denier. When it comes to backpacks, a higher denier is not necessarily better. In general, a higher denier will be more durable (depending on the fabric and weave), but also heavier. While denier can tell you the weight and thickness of a material, the type of material, weave, and the manufacturing involved will ultimately tell you more about strength and durability.

Nylon Rip-Stop

Quite similar to standard nylon, rip-stop nylon has a special, square weave that prevents more rips from occurring after a puncture. It has an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and, as the name suggests, it is extremely resistant to rips and tears. The reason it is so strong is that additional fibers are sewn into the fabric. 

Ballistic nylon

Ballistic nylon refers to any nylon fabric that has a “ballistic weave,” which is a variation of simple basket weaving. This gives it excellent tensile and tears strength – especially when layered – but also makes it heavier than many other materials. Note that ballistic nylon comes almost exclusively in black. Why is it called ballistics? It was originally used in the bulletproof vests of WWII aviators, to protect them from artillery fragmentation and bullets. 


CORDURA® is not a fabric in itself, but rather a brand that covers a wide variety of different fabrics, from cotton to nylon to polyester. What they do is take the fabric from a bunch of different factories, inspect it to make sure it meets their standards, and then put the CORDURA® label on it. Yes, it is a bit misleading… But they put high-quality stuff. You will always see an “®” next to “CORDURA” (in capital letters) because of #branding and #lawyers.

Nylon Kodra

Kodra is practically synonymous with CORDURA® but made in Korea. Peak Design opted for this on their Everyday Backpack.


Polyester is one of the most common fabrics on the planet. It is made of plastic fibers and can be found almost everywhere: in clothing, pillows, seat belts, upholstery, ropes, the list goes on…. Oh, and backpacks. Polyester isn’t the most durable fabric, so you’ll typically find it in low-end packages (think classic Jansport backpacks that everyone had in high school). It is not the most suitable option for a travel package, as it will not last through the years. Besides the lack of durability, polyester is also quite heavy compared to other fabrics like nylon. If you’re looking for a budget backpack, polyester is fine. If you are looking for something more serious, stay away from it.


Polypropylene is another very common fabric. Fabric is not the correct word polypropylene is a polymer that is used to make fabrics. But this material is very present everywhere: it is the second most-produced synthetic plastic in the world! It is used to make string, rugs, labels, plastic lids on tick-tack containers, plastic chairs, long underwear…

If you see something made of plastic, there is a strong possibility that there is some polypropylene in there. When it comes to backpacks, you will sometimes find this material in a couple of components and features, plus those little drawstring bags and bags. Polypropylene fabric has a few things going for it. 1) It is cheap. 2) It doesn’t transfer heat very well, making it a good insulator. 3) It is hydrophobic, so it does not absorb water.

The biggest problem with polypropylene is that it is not very resistant to UV rays. Therefore, if it is repeatedly exposed to sunlight, the fabric will start to fade and tear over time. This is not good for backpacks, hence the reason you tend to see these things only in super cheap drawstring bags that are probably given out for free at some college fair.

However, you can see that polypropylene is used as a liner inside some packages as it will not be affected by UV light and adds extra protection to the package. This is not good for backpacks, hence the reason you tend to see these things only in super cheap drawstring bags that are probably given out for free at some college fair.

However, you can see that polypropylene is used as a liner inside some packages as it will not be affected by UV light and adds extra protection to the package. This is not good for backpacks, hence the reason you tend to see these things only in super cheap drawstring bags that are probably given out for free at some college fair. However, you can see that polypropylene is used as a liner inside some packages as it will not be affected by UV light and adds extra protection to the package.


You could say that canvas is the material of the JO’s backpack. In those days, the canvas was the only thing that was used as a “backpack”, outside of a burlap sack thrown over the shoulder.

In World War II, soldiers carried all their equipment in canvas packs and slept in canvas tents(If they were lucky enough to have a tent over their heads!). Canvas is a very thick and strong fabric that was historically made from cotton, linen, or hemp and then covered with wax to make it waterproof.

There’s a lot of history behind this old fabric – and a ton of different types for different uses – but we’re not going to get too deep here. Today canvas tends to be made of things like nylon and polyester.

Most modern backpack companies shy away from the canvas, outside of custom-made canvas bags for that nostalgia factor. The reason for this is that the canvas is usually heavy, not too resistant to water, and easily damaged by abrasion. If you are looking for a duffel bag travel pack, you won’t find much out there.


We may have to scrap our last statement on the canvas because you can say that leather is the material of the JO’s backpack. You could stretch this far back when the ancient Romans made leather bags, for example.

But we are not historians, so we will limit ourselves to a few more modern use cases. Like a canvas, you won’t see a lot of travel packs made out of leather. While a leather bag can be a cool and stylish day pack, it is not ideal for a long-term travel pack, mainly because it is one of the heaviest materials out there.

There is also a lot of potential care involved. Between the protective oils and various drying/cleaning techniques, it can be a hassle if you’re on the go. If you are dead in a leather package, We recommend looking for full-grain leather. There are three grades of genuine leather, top-grain, and full-grain. Genuine, contrary to popular belief, is the lowest grade of leather, while full-grain is the highest.

Full-grain is used for heavy-duty cases like gun holsters and work belts, so it can work well as a durable backpack fabric. Ideally, you want to find something thin enough not to be too heavy, while at the same time being thick enough to ensure durability. Full-grain is used for heavy-duty cases like gun holsters and work belts, so it can work well as a durable backpack fabric. Ideally, you want to find something thin enough not to be too heavy, while at the same time being thick enough to ensure durability.

Full-grain is used for heavy-duty cases like gun holsters and work belts, so it can work well as a durable backpack fabric. Ideally, you want to find something thin enough not to be too heavy, while at the same time being thick enough to ensure durability.

Tip: Try to avoid glued leather, patent leather, and corrected grain leather. These are all low-quality leathers that can often pass as a good thing to those who don’t realize it. Glued leather is probably the worst – it’s a bunch of pieces of leather that have been glued together – but they’re all far less than ideal.


The current material is called ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene… but is known to most as sailcloth (yes, the same material that is used on a sailboat). A relatively rare material for backpacks, brands like Tortuga have taken advantage of sailcloth for its lightweight and water-resistant properties. It’s the lightest material on our list and the most waterproof (no DWR or liners needed), but it does have some drawbacks. It’s stiff and wrinkled with zero stretch – this can cause problems if you’re trying to use every corner of your pack. It is quite durable (and can be easily patched), but it is not as indestructible as some of the other listed materials. 

Dyneema composite fabric

In May 2015, Dyneema acquired Cubic Tech, the creator and manufacturer of Cuben fiber. Dyneema has since changed its name to Dyneema® Composite Fabrics. Therefore, Dyneema® Composite Fabrics = Cuben Fiber. This material was originally designed for high-tech sails on racing yachts (America’s Cup boats, in fact) because it is ridiculously light and ridiculously strong. As such, it has been wholeheartedly embraced by the ultralight backpacking community. It’s kind of like the carbon fiber of the world’s backpack: high-tech, super strong, super light, and… super expensive. Although Dyneema® composite fabric is popular with the ultralight backpacking community, it has yet to become commonplace on the in-a-bag scene. Having said that,

These materials are great and all, but the production process will ultimately dictate whether or not they stick together. A mismatch in materials could also lead to poor quality. If a bag is made with 1000D CORDURA® but doesn’t have good matching zippers, it doesn’t matter how good the fabric is. Look for brands that proudly back their products with generous warranties, such as GORUCK and its “SCARS warranty” or Patagonia and its “Ironclad Guarantee.” These brands make quality products and they know it, so they are happy to stand behind them. If a brand does not offer any guarantees or a short guarantee, there is probably a financial reason for it and the quality may not be that high. It’s about buying quality parts that last against something that is going to need to be repaired or replaced year after year.

The best backpack for comfortable use and a long trip

Comfort is a big issue when it comes to traveling with a single bag, especially if you plan to carry the bag with you for hours on end. You will want a high-quality harness that works with your body shape. When selecting a bag, it is important to consider the size of the person you are and your body type. While this is more important for hiking backpacks where you carry a ton of gear, it’s less important for smaller one-bag travel packs. However, you will still want to consider this. A backpack suitable for someone who is 6’5 ″ and 250 lbs. probably not the best travel backpacks for someone who is 5’3 ″ and 140 lbs.

The Best Travel Backpacks straps

You’ll want to look for high-quality strap bags that work for your body type. A mismatch here could lead to an awkward load, even with just a little weight inside.

The thickness of the straps doesn’t necessarily matter. Thinner strips that use high-quality foam can be more comfortable than thicker, bulkier strips.

If you are concerned about weight, look for bags that include cargo lifters – these are the adjusters that appear on top of the straps. This concept is borrowed from larger trekking backpacks and does wonders to fit the bag snugly on your back with different loads.

Some straps rotate and pivot to accommodate different shoulder widths, as well as to facilitate quick turning of the pack and access to the items in you.

Curved straps can work well for women and men with larger breasts, and some companies, like GORUCK, offer specific straps for different body types.

Osprey Farpoint 40

The Osprey Farpoint 40’s shoulder straps are comfortable and well padded. Besides, it has an additional sternum strap and hip belt for greater comfort when lifting cargo. However, if you have a narrower frame, you may want to take a look at the Fairview.

Osprey Fairview 40

The Osprey Fairview suspenders are designed with women in mind, slightly narrower but just as padded. But the most important thing is that they have a different shape. Rather than going over the shoulders, they curve in and out, making it easy to carry. After testing both the Farpoint and Fairview at full weight, there are noticeable changes to the way this bag has been adapted for women’s bodies.

Hip belts

We are in the middle of the road with hip belts for a travel backpack bag. They can help a ton if you have a heavier load or plan to carry your backpack for long periods, but they are not necessary if you pack minimally in a smaller backpack.

Rear panel

A well-designed rear panel can make things much more comfortable. Although it’s difficult to avoid the sweaty old back with longer periods of wear in warmer climates. A well-ventilated mesh and foam can help with this. A curved frame can also help with ergonomics and ventilation, but we don’t see it in many travel-focused backpacks. Sometimes it seems over the top.

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack has a breathable mesh back panel that keeps the air moving. Although you will still sweat a bit. Which we think is inevitable with a backpack on. We think this backpack helps.

How do you prepare the best travel backpacks?

With all these stylish features. It is important to consider how you should use them and how to pack your bag. Generally speaking, you want to pack the heaviest items closer to your back. This will ensure that the heaviest parts of your bag are closest to your center of gravity. Pulling the back of the bag down the least.

If you have all the above-mentioned features. You want to tie and tighten your hip belt first, then adjust the shoulder straps, then tighten the cargo lifter straps (the top straps) to a 45 ° angle, and finally, adjusting and tightening the sternum strap.

Heimplanet Transit Line Best Travel Packs

 It features separate liter compartments and pockets that are ideal for packing to the absolute limits.

Organization: Multiple travel-focused features or one large compartment?

Some backpacks take the approach of having a massive internal compartment with no organization. This is great if you are planning to use some packing cubes or squeeze bags. But not so great if you want a little more internal organization out of the box. How about a dedicated compartment for the laptop? How is security in general? Can an opportunistic thief break into it quickly? Or are the zippers somewhat discreet?

Organizer bags

Packing cubes can be a great addition to your luggage. Regardless of whether the bag is a massive compartment or has a couple of smaller pockets inside. Packing cubes allow you to organize clothes between types, clothes, clean or dirty, and much more. Take a look at the ones we’ve tested and reviewed here.

Compression sacks

Compression bags allow your gear and clothing to be compressed to the smallest size possible. The only negative here is that they tend to wrinkle clothes. Also, since you can compress everything so small with them. You may end up carrying more weight than you originally intended. TIP: We have found that glossy interior coatings can be very convenient. In low-light settings, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for in a dark backpack. A shiny liner can “turn on a light” and help you find what you are looking for.

Thule Subterra 34L

The Subterra 34L Thule has a contrasting neon green interior, making it easy to find your belongings. 

Compression and expandability

If you go with one bag, versatility is important. Ideally, your package will accommodate the different quantities of items found in the bag.

Some packages even offer detachable backpacks. But they tend to be slightly larger in liters to justify the additional use of materials (extra zippers and straps). If you’re looking for a small backpack, consider some highly compressible bags from Sea to Summit. There won’t be any padding on these. But you can also pair them with a GORUCK padded field pocket or padded laptop compartment. If you want to shop and work during the day.

If you are looking for a more padded backpack for the day. A Mystery Ranch In and Out Packable Daypack or something like a Fjallraven Kanken could do something good for you. At the end of the day, you’re packing another set of straps, padding, and zippers. All the space and weight that is being subtracted from your main pack.

We like to stick to a bag whenever possible. Some bags are just the right size and look that can be used as a day pack and a bag trip.

Turtle Setout Divide Backpack

The Tortuga Setout Divide gets its name from the compression zipper in the center of the container. Which adds eight liters to the interior. That’s what makes this package awesome. 

 One of our team members has used compression straps to carry his tripod while traveling to numerous countries. TIP: If you choose the best travel backpacks that have a slimmer profile and don’t stick out as much at the back. The entire bag will feel lighter with most of the weight closer to your center of gravity.

Safety best travel backpacks

Look out for packages with great security features. Are lockable zippers with TSA approved locks? Are there separate and secret security compartments to put your passport and other valuables in hard-to-reach places? Is it made of sturdy material to prevent rapid cutting and gripping? Have the outer pockets been minimized to make? It is difficult for a thief to quickly unzip and grab what they want.

A lot of travel safety comes down to common sense and your conscience. But there are a couple of package features that can make your trips a little safer.

Zippers with closure and anti-theft backpacks

Some backpacks offer special zippers or zip pullers that can be configured to deter thieves. Locking the zippers on your backpack won’t make it an anti-theft backpack – someone can still grab it or cut it through the fabric.

But it can help prevent wrongdoers from unzipping your backpack to quickly grab it. However, no backpack is impenetrable, and some of these backpack features can be a gimmick – included just to give the buyer some peace of mind – even if the payoff isn’t that great. Peak Design Safety Features (example below) and PacSafe’s ToughZip put a lot of emphasis on that extra layer of security.

Peak Design Best Travel Backpacks

The zippers on the Peak Design Best Travel Backpacks come with multiple closure features. This won’t necessarily deter all thieves.

But it will stop any of the old zipper-zipper tricks, and it won’t be against TSA guidelines. Anything that makes your purse a little more difficult to squeeze in means that a thief will let you through for an easier chance elsewhere.

Anti-theft best travel backpacks materials

Some bags offer a stronger fabric that naturally reinforces the bag. As we mentioned before, fabrics like Ballistic Nylon, CORDURA®, and others are of great help in this regard. Some companies even include special mesh cabling, like Pacsafe’s eXomesh®. This nearly protects your backpack from theft, allowing you to lock it to a fixed object for added security. EXomesh® is lined inside the fabric, and can also be purchased for external use with other backpacks. For the type of trip, we do. We think this is a bit paranoid and adds some weight plus something else to carry. But depending on your situation, it could be useful. Strolling through Tokyo? It is probably not necessary. Are you going to Barcelona for the first time? Yes, we will take that extra layer of security.

RFID Blockers (identity theft-proof backpacks)

We think having a ton of RFID blocking technology covering an entire backpack is over the top. Sure, it will prevent people from electronically scanning your passport, but if you are concerned about this. You can either get a special wallet or wrap your passport and cards in foil.

Let’s face it: it’s a lot less difficult for a thief to physically grab what he wants from you. It is to play with RFID technology. But again, whatever helps you sleep at night. If what you are looking for is a 100% safe backpack, we are not going to stop you.

Finding the best travel backpacks style for you

At the end of the day. The looks of the best travel backpacks should be just right for you and your tastes. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to aesthetics that we are going to pull from here for your consideration.

The stylish “city commute” backpacks have become much more popular in the last two years, and that’s the look we prefer. Gone are the days of international travel with a large orange hiking backpack. Those certainly have utility is in the wilderness. Here are a couple of general style points for your consideration:

Minimalist best travel backpacks

When you are in a new country, think a little about how you want to be perceived. If you are heading to a more crowded or dangerous area. Nothing screams at the tourist like having a large, colorful backpack. While looking at tall buildings or a landmark in awe. It’s a bonus if you can go to a meeting wearing one of these things. As travel in a bag has become increasingly popular in recent years. We are seeing many solid urban packages that are built specifically with travel in a bag in mind.

Tacticool Backpacks

There are a ton of great, high-quality bags out there that are made to military specifications. There is a great utility for things like MOLLE to customize your backpack and include other accessories in your bag. And the stronger materials make the bags extremely durable.

Be aware that some people may perceive that you are in the military if your bag has too much Digi camo going. It is one thing if the package is all black and dim, but another if it is camouflaged and full of patches. If this is your look, go for it, but this type of packaging can also bring some “unwanted attention” to certain parts of the world.

The Best Travel Backpacks for trekking and outdoor activities

Think brighter colors and stronger materials. Sportier pack with many pocket options. For a long time, these types of packages were the only option for long-term bag travelers. They tend to be bulky and are built to carry large, heavy loads over long distances, usually outdoors. This typically means a lot of straps and a tall pack that will rise above your head. Ideal for a long camping excursion, not so good for a trip through the airport or a newly discovered plaza. They also tend to yell “TOURIST” – no one casually walks around with a huge backpack for walking.

Classic best travel backpacks

 Most will be some variations of the single compartment style. With leather straps, subdued colors. And some sort of canvas material. These packages look great but are sometimes lacking in functionality and convenience. Although there are some custom-made travel bags. (We like Vinta and Rivendell Mountain Works), most fall into the category of day packs.

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