Do You Need A Best Waist Packs?

best Waist Packs

Fanny packs are the most comfortable and easy to carry bags as they leave your hands free. You just need to adjust them to the waist using their straps and place them at the height of the hips to have your mobile, keys, wallet, or any other necessary utensils at hand when going out. This functionality is evident in this Adidas fanny pack which, in addition to offering good storage capacity, shows that its designs can boast modernity and elegance. For this reason, and based on user opinions, we have chosen it as the best fanny pack in this comparison.

There is no doubt that, after years of ostracism, koalas, kangaroos or waist bags are more fashionable than ever. They are not only a benchmark for urban and casual fashion but also sportswear. Just take a look at this Salomon hydration fanny pack, which allows you to carry up to two flexible 500 ml water bottles and is perfect for jogging, cycling, or hiking. Two very different alternatives but ideal for different types of users. Although, as we are going to see, they are not the only ones.

The best, our choice: Adidas waist bag

Without a doubt, the best Adidas brand fanny pack according to Amazon user ratings, which give it 4.2 out of 5 and 61% 5-star opinions. It belongs to the Originals line, is available in black, and has the signature logo on the front pocket. Antonio says of her that “you can see its good quality at first glance” and that “it is small but very versatile and safe.” It has zip closures and has been made of resistant and waterproof polyester fiber.

Second option: Eastpak belt bag

According to the opinions of Amazon customers, this is the best Eastpak brand fanny pack. It achieves 4.6 out of 5 and 77% 5-star reviews. Besides, it has the distinction of being the best seller on this portal. It has also been made of polyester resistant to water and humidity, but its outer shell is made of nylon. As Roman indicates, “it is a cheap and perfect fanny pack to store cards and cash safely”. This is because it has a small pocket in the back (the one that is attached to the body) for this purpose. It is available in black, light gray, and dark gray.

Alternative: Eastpak black fanny pack

The second best fanny pack from the Eastpak brand. Its buyers on Amazon give it 4.5 out of 5 and 76% 5-star ratings. “It has security zippers, it is waterproof and very resistant. I use it every day and I am delighted ”Sergio tells us. It has been made entirely of nylon and has dimensions of 27 x 18 x 9 cm (width, height, and depth). Its interior distribution makes it quite spacious.

Salomon waist bag

Now we go with the best hydration sports fanny pack from the Salomon brand for Amazon customers. Its design, which is available in 9 colors and 5 different sizes, has slots that allow you to comfortably carry up to two flexible water bottles of 500 ml capacity (not included). Exactly what I needed to go running ”, as Guillermo indicates. Its strap is elastic and does not have a buckle closure. It is also breathable and extremely comfortable. It shows a 4.5 out of 5 and 70% of maximum marks.

Eastpak blue belt bag

Another of the best Eastpak brand fanny packs according to the comments of Amazon users. It reaches 4.4 out of 5 and 69% of maximum marks. It is entirely made of nylon, has an adjustable belt, and has a main pocket and a back pocket. All of them have a zip closure. In addition to blue, it can be purchased in 18 different colors. According to José, “its design is very beautiful. I have bought two to alternate them depending on what I wear ”.

Pepe Jeans belt bag

With a 4 out of 5 and 62% 5-star review, this is the best Pepe Jeans brand fanny pack for consumers on Amazon. For example, Luna says about it that “it is very soft to the touch and its strap fits perfectly around the waist. Very practical and pretty ”. Also, it has a small front pocket for cards and small objects and has been made of polyester and synthetic leather. It has a very interesting urban and casual design and is available in red and blue.

Boshiho men’s leather belt bag

It is the turn of what, based on the reviews of Amazon users, is the best leather fanny pack for men from the Boshiho brand. It shows a 4.6 out of 5 and a 70% maximum marks. “It is made of natural cow leather, and that shows in its quality and resistance. It has an informal and vintage design that is very fashionable ”, indicates Ignacio. Mobile phones up to 16.5 cm long can be fitted in their main pocket and it has another front pocket for small items. Its design is available in 5 colors and its buckles and hooks are made of metal.

Unisex NIKE belt bag

Here we are faced with the best Nike brand fanny pack for consumers on Amazon. It has an eminently sporty and modern design. As Ana María says, “it is ideal for jogging or cycling, but it can also be used daily without problem.” It can be purchased in pink, blue and black and has a single main compartment with a double-zip security closure. It has 4.6 out of 5 and 74% 5-star ratings.

Men’s shoulder bags KAPPA

The best men’s fanny pack from the Kappa brand according to Amazon customer reviews is also the most versatile. This is because it can be worn at the waist or across the chest as if it were a shoulder bag. It has an average score of 4.3 out of 5 and 64% of maximum evaluations. In the words of Rubén, “it is perfect to carry what is just and necessary for day to day. I don’t like very large bags, it has been great for me ”. It has been made exclusively of waterproof synthetic fabrics.

Quiksilver small bag

We finish with what, according to buyers on Amazon, is the best Quicksilver brand fanny pack. It has a 4.3 out of 5 and 71% of 5-star reviews. It is ecological since it has been manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and has two compartments, the main one and a front one for small objects. Its total capacity is 1.5 liters and, as Antonio tells us, “it is very strong, resistant and elegant. Its finishes are excellent and it is a perfect size ”.

How to choose a fanny pack and what to consider before buying one?

You will only be able to buy the best fanny pack for you taking into account the following purchase aspects:

  1. Size. There are medium, small and large fanny packs. Choose to depend on whether you only plan to carry your mobile, wallet, and keys or if you will need space for small tools, water, etc.
  2. Pockets and compartments. The more the merrier. The reason? These small storage spaces will allow you to keep order inside your portable fanny pack.
  3. Clothing materials. The best sports fanny packs are nylon. Among the urban ones, those made of natural leather and those made of synthetic leather are the most prominent, although those made of denim and canvas are also very interesting.
  4. Adjustment system. It must have a strap that is well attached to the waist and that allows the fanny pack to also be worn as a shoulder bag.
  5. Use. It is not the same that you want a light and sporty fanny pack as one for travel or your day today.
  6. Design. This is a matter of taste. There are classic and elegant fanny packs, urban and youth, sporty and comfortable, etc.
  7. Security. The zippers of the fanny pack must be anti-theft to prevent theft in crowded areas such as, for example, the subway car or an outdoor concert.
  8. Durability. To find out, look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  9. Fanny pack price. For between € 15 and € 30 it is possible to buy fanny packs with excellent value for money.
  10. Best brands of fanny packs. Eastpak, Adidas, Salomon Pepe Jeans have been the best valued by consumers in this analysis.

What is a fanny pack?

A fanny pack is a waist bag. It has an adjustable strap or belt that adjusts to this part of the body so that the storage compartment is at the height of the hips. It usually has zippers and can be worn on the front, back, or to the side. Its main advantage is that it does not need to be held by the hands or arms, so it offers great freedom of movement. It is a complement also called koala, kangaroo, kangaroo, or banana in many places.

Types of fanny packs

According to their purpose, we can distinguish all these types of fanny packs:

– Waist packs for sports. They are made of waterproof fabrics and fit perfectly to the body so as not to disturb the user during movement. They allow you to comfortably carry your mobile, your wallet with some money and documentation, and a bottle of water. Here it is possible to differentiate the following subtypes:

– Waist bag for walking. The standard fanny pack. It has a large main compartment with a zip closure and several small pockets to facilitate the organization.

– Belt bag for running. The lightest. It has a low storage capacity as it is designed to carry the basics and not disturb the user during the race. It offers a perfect fit and is usually made of nylon and similar waterproof fabrics.

– Waist bag for hiking. The largest and most robust. Its design, beyond allowing to carry documentation, money, and a mobile phone, has a multitude of compartments for transporting tools, food, water, and any other utensil that can be of help in nature.

There are fanny packs for walks, for sports such as running or cycling, or to wear as a piece of urban fashion

– Waist bag for hunting or tactics. Its peculiarity is that it usually has a camouflage design and spaces to keep the gun cartridges at hand. Otherwise, it is very similar to hiking.

– Waist bag for the gym. Similar to running. It is designed not to disturb the user while doing weights. A variant would be the fanny pack for yoga or pilates.

– Waist bag for cycling. It is also small and light, but usually has more pockets to carry food and refreshment gels.

– Hydration bum bag. Specifically, it has inside a bag of water from which a flexible tube comes out that reaches the athlete’s mouth. So when you want to drink, you don’t need to stop or take your hands off the handlebars of your bike, for example.

– Urban fanny packs. They are designed for daily use. They have a more elegant design and easy to combine with the rest of the clothing. Most are unisex, but it is possible to find women’s, men’s, and children’s fanny packs. Here we can differentiate between:

– Waist packs for travel. They offer a fantastic storage capacity. They are ideal to know other places without having to carry another type of more uncomfortable bag. It is also useful to have your passport and other documentation at hand when crossing the security control. They usually have anti-theft mechanisms.

– Anti-theft waist packs. They have security locks that prevent theft when being in large crowds, such as concerts, subway trips, or tourist guides.

How safe are fanny packs?

The best fanny packs are very safe and reliable. This is because they can be placed in the front, which makes it very difficult for ‘thieves’ to be able to open the zipper without you noticing. Besides, many of them have anti-theft systems specifically designed to prevent these thefts. You can even put small locks on them to make them even more difficult to open.

What material are fanny packs made of?

It depends on the case. In general, you can buy a fanny pack made of any of these fabrics:

– Canvas fanny packs. They are the ones with the most modern and sophisticated designs. Of course, they do not offer good performance in terms of waterproofing.

– Nylon fanny packs. Those with a more sporty aesthetic. They are very comfortable and resistant to water.

– Classic fanny packs. Generally, they are made of cowhide or synthetic leather.

– Fabric fanny packs. It is very common to see them in street markets and hippie stalls. They usually have alternative styles and very original designs.

Why should I consider buying a fanny pack?

This type of waist bag experienced a great boom in the 80s and 90s of the last century. However, they later fell into oblivion to now become fashionable again. Something that is not surprising considering all the advantages offered by taking advantage of an offer on fanny packs:

– Versatility. They are designed to be worn at the waist, but can also be worn across the body as a shoulder bag.

– Hands-free. Your fanny pack with an adjustable belt will be perfectly attached to your waist. So you can perform any task you need without worrying about it.

– Organization. The fanny packs with pockets allow you to carry everything in a specific space so you do not have problems when finding what you are looking for.

– Security. By being able to take them to the front, there will be no risk that a thief will unzip without you noticing and steal your wallet or mobile phone, for example.

– Basic L, always with you and at hand. There are fanny packs for the phone, for the purse, and the house keys. Other more spacious ones allow you to carry glasses, bottles of water, or food. Its usefulness is infinite.

Have fanny packs gone out of fashion?

Not at all. We could say that zipped and pocket fanny packs are more fashionable than ever. You just need to take a look at the main accessories collections of the big fashion brands, which usually include a specific line for this type of bag.

It may seem that fanny packs have gone out of style but on the contrary, today they look more than ever

Also, fanny packs have become especially popular with the younger, alternative, and function- conscious audience. It is common to find handmade models in all the hippy markets of the country and they have become the favorite storage accessory of those who go to concerts and festivals. The modernization of its designs, together with its great functionality, are the factors that explain it.

Are fanny packs comfortable?

Very comfortable. The fastening system is based on an adjustable strap or belt. This can be placed tighter or looser, depending on your tastes. Also, they allow you to have your hands free at all times to perform other tasks. And when you need something, you will always have it at your fingertips.

Fanny packs, koalas, and kangaroos. Which is better?

This is a question that we have frequently found among the opinions on fanny packs analyzed within this comparison. However, in itself it is wrong. The reason? Fanny pack, koala, and kangaroo are synonymous, that is, they are three concepts that refer to the same type of waist bag. So none is better than another.

What are the best on the market?

In this comparison of fanny packs, the main creations of the following brands have been the best valued:

  1. Eastpak. This firm specializes in the production of fanny packs with great storage capacity, quality fabrics, and urban style with a sporty touch. In short, functionality, elegance, and comfort for the day today.
  2. Adidas. A much sportier alternative. Within its catalog, it is possible to find small, medium, and large fanny packs designed for running or cycling, for example, but also daily use.
  3. Pepe Jeans. Probably the best urban, casual, and denim style fanny packs are from this brand. Known for its jeans, it has a wide, modern, and varied catalog of accessories of this type