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If you like nature, surely one of your favorite plans for the weekend is to go camping, but to what extent are you willing to disconnect? We are convinced that, at least, you will need to have a camping generator, specially designed so that you have electricity throughout the weekend, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Are we talking about generators for camping?

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How does a camping generator work?

We are talking about a device that transforms all the mechanical energy that it produces, thanks to the combustion of various substances, usually gasoline or diesel, into electricity, after carrying out various processes in its condenser. Depending on the equipment, you can have an inverter or conventional power load.

What types of camping generators are there?

In this section, we can distinguish 3 types of camping generators that can be the complement for your trip according to your needs. Take note of the models you can find:

  • According to the fuel: If we classify the equipment by this factor, we find models that work with gasoline and others with diesel. As a recommendation, we tell you that those that use gasoline are, in the medium and long term, cheaper, since diesel is more expensive and difficult to obtain.
  • Due to the noise level: We differentiate between conventional and soundproof equipment, where the latter includes a reinforced structure to avoid vibrations, which translates into a lower noise level.
  • Type of energy generated: We distinguish between conventional and inverter energy, indicated to power equipment that is more delicate with electrical loads, such as household appliances.

Advantages of having a generator for camping

When you buy a generator for camping, you can enjoy great advantages.

  • Portability: They are lightweight equipment that you can carry with you at all times, especially when you go camping. You only have to install it in the place that is most comfortable for you and start it up.
  • Protected equipment: Especially when we talk about inverter generators that are the most indicated to be used with equipment such as mobile phones, laptops, air conditioners, heating, among others because they are more sensitive devices to changes in voltage. 
  • The energy at all times: A generator for camping is a great tool so that, no matter where you are, you can have electricity.

Why are camping generators so important?

If you are one of the people who have been camping for a long time, you know all the benefits and the change that buying a camping generator would represent, you will already know the reason.

And it is that one of these teams will give you the possibility of having all kinds of electrical devices while you are camping. No showering with cold water, thanks to the generator you can enjoy hot water. You can also connect your electric stove to prepare healthy and homemade dishes, as well as turn on the television and/or the computer. In other words: you will have the same comforts as at home.

What power do I need?

You have already made the decision to buy a camping generator, but you do not know the power you will need, to find out you have to make a list of the equipment that you are going to use when you are camping.

For example, you can have among your objects:

  • 1000 Wh microwave oven
  • 30 Wh laptop
  • 700 Wh coffee maker
  • TV, depending on the technology, can consume about 80 Wh
  • Lamp, if small, consumes 15 Wh

Adding uploads of all the equipment, we would have 1825 Wh in total, plus the 20% of the power that is needed to turn the equipment on, it would reach 2190 Wh, so a 2200 Wh camping generator would be sufficient.

If you are going to use less equipment, you can think of equipment that generates between 1000 Wh and 1200 Wh.

How many devices can I connect to a generator for camping?

Regardless of this, there are two other factors that will influence the number of appliances you can connect: their power and usage.

What do we mean? Well, if you want to connect all the equipment at the same time, you may have problems with your generator, due to the starting peak that all electrical appliances have.

Recommended? Connect the equipment according to our needs and not all at the same time. In this way, you can connect, for example, in the morning about 5 devices that consume little energy, such as a lamp, a television, a laptop, or a mobile phone plus a coffee maker. But in the afternoon, you would no longer use your laptop or mobile, but you would use the microwave. 

If we take an average, we could talk about having about 5 devices connected at the same time, everything will depend on the electrical load of the equipment and the energy that the model you have purchased can produce.

How to choose a generator for camping?

To make this type of decision you must keep in mind several details that will help you to get the most out of your team. Some of them are:

  • Power: Depending on the amount of equipment that you are going to connect and the amount of energy that each of them consumes.
  • Start type: You can choose between manual and automatic start, with which you only have to press a button to start working. An advantage so that any member of the family can do it without major complications.
  • Inverter power? : If most of the equipment that you are going to connect is electronic, it is best if your camping generator produces inverter energy, which is the closest to that used in public wiring.
  • Soundproofing for everyone: This can be an excellent resource so as not to disturb the people who are camping with you or the animals that live in the area.

How much are they usually worth?

When buying a camping generator you have the advantage of making a minimal investment compared to all the benefits that you will earn with the equipment. Do you doubt it? Pay attention so that you understand why we say this.

You can take the 1000W electric generator for only 190 Dollars, if you need more power, then buy the 1200W electric generator for 175 Dollars. Surely you are surprised by the difference in prices, but the 1000w electric generator is compact, which increases its portability.

Now, if your budget is bigger, you can take the 2200W inverter electric generator at a cost of 335 Dollars.

Where to buy cheap camping generators?

Buying a cheap camping generator is very simple, you just have to access our online store section and you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that only in do you find the best brands at unbeatable prices.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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