What Is The Best International Travel Insurance 2020?

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Today more than ever, being clear about the best travel insurance is key to ensuring a good travel experience. More if your trip is international. In this article, I present a comparison of the three travel insurance that I like the most, discounts for all of them, and of course the one that for me is the best travel insurance today.

This is one of the posts that I have been wanting to write for a long time. It is one of those articles that are very useful for the traveling community. 

With these comparisons we favor transparency, we help travelers to make better-informed decisions, and most importantly, we contribute significantly to introduce more competition in the market and to encourage companies in the sector to offer us better conditions at a better price.

Where we are going… Do you want to know which is the best international travel insurance right now? Well, keep reading … you will find the answer very quickly. 

What Is The Best International Travel Insurance In 2020?

Well, that depends on several factors such as where you are from, what type of trip you are going to do (a quiet tourist trip is not the same as another in which you are going to practice adventure or risk sports), and what type of coverage you want for your trip. 

In this article I am going to focus on what the vast majority of travelers are looking for, basic short-term travel insurance (maximum of a few weeks) at a good price, which has the basic coverage to travel without worries.

I will not take into account extra coverages that cover activities such as diving, mountaineering, or other activities of the type, or long-term or annual insurance.

Over the years I have compared many insurances, and the first conclusion I draw is that the sector changes very quickly. The best travel health insurance today may not be tomorrow (that’s why I’ll be updating this post regularly).

Ok ok… but… what is the best travel insurance today? A picture is worth a thousand words … and in this case, a table is worth more than the whole roll that I am going to paste you later (which of course I recommend you read). 


7-day price 29 $ $  27.86 $ 58.31

Price for 14 days $ 45 $ 42.82 $ 91.59

21-day price $ 61.5 $ 58.59 $ 121.08

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Medical assistance $ 300.00 $ 50,000 $ 200,000

Dental expenses 150 $ $ 100 $ 60

Chronic, pre-existing or congenital diseases NOT INCLUDED INCLUDED (URGENCY) INCLUDED (URGENCY)

Convalescence at the hotel $ 800 420 $ $ 750

Personal injury in motor vehicle accidents INCLUDED INCLUDED WITH LIMITATIONS

Displacement of a relative INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED

Stay costs for a relative $ 800 420 $ $ 750

Repatriation and early return 100% 100% INCLUDED

Trip cancellation – – $ 2,500

Trip interruption – – $ 1,500

Early return due to hospitalization or death of a relative 100%

100% 100%

Theft and damage to luggage $ 1,500 $ 500 $ 1,200

Electronic equipment $ 750 250 $ $ 600

Search, location and shipment of lost luggage INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED

Delay in the delivery of checked baggage 150 $ $ 90 200 $

Delay in the departure or arrival of transport 200 $ – 250 $

Criminal defense abroad $ 3,000 $ 3,000 –

Private civil liability $ 60,000 $ 30,000 $ 50,000

Guarantee of accidents due to disability or death $ 6,000 $ 6,000 $ 6,000

Surely after having analyzed this table you will have realized which one stands out above the other two … For me, without a doubt, the travel insurance that offers the best conditions is Mondo.

The other two are recommended travel insurance and offer you excellent benefits at very good prices. In fact, for years I have traveled with IATI insurance and I plan to continue doing so in some cases, for example in countries where health care is not very expensive or if I need travel cancellation coverage (I will explain why below).

I for a long time has offered conditions far superior to the rest, but for some time now a serious competitor has emerged that has ended up surpassing them in terms of coverage – price in their most basic insurance and also in dealing with the client with its innovative app

Intermundial for its part in its cheaper insurance is far behind, it is much more expensive.

Traveling without health insurance is a big risk

Before going into a detailed analysis of the conditions that define the best travel medical insurance, let me tell you that if you still have doubts about whether it is worth buying travel insurance, you better bear in mind the risks you incur when traveling without an insurance doctor.

To begin with, many countries require that you have travel insurance to allow you to enter the country. In most cases, immigration controls will not ask you for it, but if you fall into a random control and do not have one, they could deny you entry to the country.

On the other hand, if you have a mishap and need medical assistance, insurance can save you good money, or more than that, save you from incurring debts that could mortgage you for life.

In Spain, we are used to the fact that healthcare is free and we do not have that perception of the cost of healthcare that you have in other countries. This is why so many people travel without health insurance.

However, there are countries in which if you want to be treated in a fairly decent hospital you will have to prepare your wallet. In others, healthcare is ridiculously expensive wherever you go. 

For example, in the United States, a doctor’s visit can cost you $ 300, and for every night spent in a hospital, you can easily be billed several thousand dollars. 

And if we talk about operations, and appendicitis operations can be between 10,000 and 40,000 dollars in a normal hospital depending on the city and how complicated the intervention you need is. 

More examples. If something happens to you in a place where no hospital can treat you and you need to be transferred urgently for surgery or whatever, the bill can leave you mortgaged for life. 

I reproduce some data provided by a study by Allianz Seguros 

(which you can read here ): Mexico: $ 15,000- $ 20,000

  • To South America: $ 100,000
  • Germany, France and other developed European states: $ 50,000- $ 100,000
  • Russia: $ 90,000- $ 150,000 (weather conditions may increase cost)
  • To Asia, Australia, and the Middle East: $ 220,000

Still not sure if it is worth taking out international travel insurance?

Tips for hiring good travel insurance

Do you know what to look for to take out good travel medical insurance? The elements that you should look at are the following:


there is nothing more important. Hire the insurance you hire that has a minimum of 30,000 euros of coverage, and better if you put the minimum at $ 50,000 to travel with total peace of mind.


As in any purchase, it is a decisive element. It is up to you to pay an extra to increase coverage or add additional ones. 

For example, in this post, I recommend Mondo as the best travel insurance in the most basic modality that does not include cancellation coverage. Its price coverage ratio is unbeatable.

However, if you need travel cancellation coverage, one of the most demanded, I would recommend IATI Standard insurance. It is cheaper than Mondo insurance with travel cancellation coverage and medical coverage stands at 200,000 euros.

Without Franchise

The franchise refers to the number of expenses that the insured must bear when using insurance. Today it does not make sense to look for insurance with a franchise to lower the price them. In the market, there is already very good travel insurance without excess very cheap.

That You Don’t Have To Add Money

For me a very important point. In many insurances, if you need medical attention, you must pay for hospital expenses and then ask the insurance to reimburse you. This today is also out of date. 

Fortunately, many insurances directly pay the hospital costs of the health centers to which they send you if you need medical attention without you having to pay anything. 

Immediate 24-hour lines of communication in Spanish (better if it is free)

Do not take out any insurance that does not offer you a telephone line 24 hours a day. Better if it also has an app like Mondo’s through which you can also get in touch with your insurer and manage incidents in an agile and fast way


In addition to medical coverage, travel insurance has other coverage. Each insurance offers a different combination of coverage. If you need something specific you will have to compare a bit.

The best Travel insurance of 2020

Taking into account all of the above, today these three (all meet these minimum requirements) are the best international travel insurance in its most basic (and cheapest) modality in my opinion:

Mondo, the best international travel insurance for its value for money and its app

Mondo insurance, as you will have seen in the table, is the company that offers you the best coverage for the price you pay. 300,000 euros of medical coverage for just 29 euros for a week-long trip (the longer the cheaper per day) is frankly hard to beat.

In addition to its price coverage ratio, what I think comes out concerning the rest is its application. Through it, you can manage all incidents.

Its application offers you a medical chat 24 hours a day with a team of specialists who will answer your questions and through which the doctors will advise you on the best course of action to follow.

You can also make any medical consultation you need, nutritional, about medicines or vaccines …

You can also use the free call option (being connected to the internet) and upload photos of documents and proof of your incidents (medical, delays, lost luggage, etc.).

Iati Is The Cheapest And With More Than Enough Coverage, And An Excellent Option If You Need Travel Cancellation Coverage

IATI is the cheapest and the one I have used for years. I always look for the cheapest, and coverage of 50,000 euros is more than enough for most incidents. (For trips to expensive countries like the United States, instead of the Basic IATI, I would opt for Mondo or the IATI Standard).

They have a telephone line that attends you in Spanish 24 hours a day and a chat.

In the most basic versions, I think Mondo far exceeds it even if it is a bit more expensive. However, when you want to include travel cancellation coverage, things get quite balanced.

With Mondo it costs you $ 36.34 while IATI Standard insurance costs you 32.56 and offers you better coverage than IATI Basic. E.g. medical coverage rises to 200,000 euros. With this level of medical coverage, you can travel safely anywhere in the world.

Please note that Mondo prices are valid if 7 days have not passed since you booked your trip. If you contract the insurance later, the prices skyrocket.

MONDO TRAVEL TRANQUILITYIATI STANDARD7 day price$36.34$ 32.56Price for 14 days$ 54$ 53.2921-day price$ 73.80$ 66.90Medical assistance$ 300,000€ 200,000Dental expenses150 $350 $Chronic, pre-existing or congenital diseases not INCLUDED INCLUDED (URGENCY)Convalescence at the hotel $  800$ 750Personal injury in motor vehicle accidentsINCLUDEDINCLUDEDDisplacement of a relativeINCLUDEDINCLUDEDStay costs for a relative€ 800$ 750Repatriation and early return100%100%Trip cancellation$ 3,000$ 1,500Early return due to hospitalization or death of a relative100%100%Theft and damage to luggage$ 1,500$ 1,000Electronic equipment$ 750$ 500Search, location and shipment of lost luggageINCLUDEDINCLUDEDDelay in the delivery of checked baggage150 $$ 120Delay in the departure or arrival of transport200 $$ 180Criminal defense abroad$ 3,000$ 3,000Private civil liability$ 60,000$ 60,000Guarantee of accidents due to disability or death$ 6,000 $ 6,000

Intermundial Travel Insurance With Extensive Coverage At A Reasonable Price

Intermundial is a well-known company that offers you very wide coverage at a very reasonable price if you compare it with the rest of the leading insurers in the market. However, in its most basic range, it is excessively expensive if you compare it with Mondo or Iati.

For A Short Trip, A Maximum Of A Few Weeks, And For Basic Insurance, I Would Not Consider It. Not Even Applying The 20% Discount That I Can Offer You From Viajero Nómada

Do These Insurances Have Covid Coverage?

Yes, they all have Covid coverage. In its most basic insurance, its coverage is as follows.

Mondo covers you:

 medical expenses for Covid-19 (up to 1,200,000 euros), the PCR test while traveling if prescribed by a doctor, expenses derived from prolongation of stay due to medical quarantine due to Coronavirus, medical transfer and repatriation in If you test positive for Covid-19 if you have to return home with a different means of transport than initially planned, 

Iati Covers You:

 medical expenses for Covid-19 (up to 50,000 euros), the PCR test while traveling if prescribed by a doctor, medical transfer and repatriation in case of testing positive for Covid-19 if you have to return home with a means of transport different from the one initially planned, expenses derived from extended stay due to medical quarantine due to Coronavirus for the maximum period specified in each policy (between 10 and 14 days)

Intermundial has significantly worse coverage than the previous two in its most basic option Totaltravel mini

 With this modality, for example, you would not have the expenses of PCR covered or the extension of stay due to Covid-19 quarantine. To have the same things covered, you have to buy the Totaltravel, which costs a few euros more.

Intermundial with its Totaltravel insurance covers you:

 medical expenses for Covid-19 (up to 50,000 euros), the PCR test while traveling if prescribed by a doctor (up to 200 euros), medical transfer and repatriation in case of testing positive for Covid -19 if you have to return home with a means of transport other than the one initially planned, expenses derived from extended stay due to medical quarantine due to Coronavirus (Up to $ 1,200)

What Does The Best Travel Insurance Of 2020 Cover You?

MONDO is the best international travel insurance in 2020. In its most basic option Tranquility Travel covers:

Medical And Health Care

  • Up to 2,500 euros in Spain, 75,000 in Europe, and 300,000 euros in the World in expenses for medical care, surgical interventions, and hospitalization (including infections by Covid).
  • Emergency dental expenses up to 150 euros. 
  • If you have to stay in a hotel for convalescence, it covers up to $ 80 per day and up to 10 days.
  • The treatment of personal injury in motor vehicle accidents (Important for those of us who usually rent motorcycles on our trips)

Expenses Caused By:

  • Chronic or pre-existing diseases.
  • Those related to events that occurred before the entry into force of the policy.
  • Illnesses, accidents, or events derived from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs, or medicines, unless the latter has been prescribed by a doctor.
  • Wars, demonstrations, insurrections, popular movements, acts of terrorism, sabotage, and strikes, whether or not they are officially declared. The transmutation of the nucleus of the atom, as well as the radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of atomic particles.
  • Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and, in general, those that come from the unleashing of the forces of nature.
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or self-harm of the Insured, diseases caused by pollution and/or air pollution

Other coverage related to a medical incident

In addition to the expenses already mentioned, the Mondo Tranquility Travel insurance (the most basic) covers the following

  • Repatriation or medical transport of the injured, sick, and deceased, as well as the return of your family members or a companion. UNLIMITED
  • Transfer or transportation of the other insured. UNLIMITED
  • You have anticipated return expenses if a family member is hospitalized or dies, or if there is a serious loss in your home or professional premises. UNLIMITED
  • Displacement of a relative in the event of hospitalization or death. UNLIMITED
  • Living expenses of a displaced family member of up to 80 euros per day and up to 10 days

Compensation for accident

  • 6,000 euros in case of additional compensation for death or permanent disability due to accident 
  • 12,000 euros in the event of death or disability in public transport.


  • 200 euros ($ 50 for every 6 hours) for delay of the trip departure
  • 150 euros for alternative transport due to loss of transport links 


  • Search and location of luggage
  • $ 1,500 for theft and damage to luggage
  • $ 150 for late luggage delivery

Electronic equipment

  • $ 750 coverage for your electronic equipment (laptop, tablet, camera and the like and its accessories) in case of theft, as well as for total or partial

Legal assistance and Civil liability

  • 3,000 for defense of criminal liability abroad
  • 60,000 for coverage for compensation for personal or material damage caused involuntarily to third parties.

What is the best travel insurance?

The best international travel insurance is MONDO. It is the one that offers the best price coverage ratio on the market. Alternatively, IATI travel insurance offers slightly cheaper prices with more than enough coverage.

What is the best cheap travel insurance?

IATI Basic is the best cheap travel insurance. It has good coverage, enough to face any medical situation on your trip, at a cheap price.

Where To Buy Travel Insurance?

You can do it on the website of the travel insurance you choose. If you are looking for a basic one, I recommend that you compare MONDO’s insurance with IATI’s and choose the one that convinces you the most.

What Does Travel Cancellation Insurance Cover?

It covers the expenses that you have incurred in booking your trip up to a certain limit. It is important that before hiring your travel cancellation insurance you check the reasons for travel cancellation accepted by each travel insurance.

What Is The Best Travel Cancellation Insurance?

The best travel cancellation insurance is the one offered by IATI Standard for its price and its coverage. MONDO Tranquility Travel insurance is even better if you hire it within a maximum of 7 days after having made your travel reservation.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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