10 Essential Best Survival Books

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Best Survival Books

Since we have released the survival section and it seems that you are liking it, we have been investigating and we bring you today the best survival books … in case you decide to investigate more on the subject and become experts.

From the creators of how to escape a sinking car, how to survive in an elevator accident, and how to get rid of having your hands tied … Here is how to survive a zombie attack, an alien invasion, or a nuclear war.

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We started! 10 Best Survival Books

1. How to save your ass – Cody Lundin

Did you know that if the core temperature of your body dropped below 37ºC, or skyrocketed above this limit, you could die in a matter of hours? This book teaches you exactly what to do to maintain a body temperature that guarantees survival during your escapades. Maybe if Kate had read this book, she would have saved poor DiCaprio !!!!

2. Build a shelter – Neil Champion

In the case of survival in the wild, having a good shelter that keeps you safe, dry, and warm is essential. This book explains many shelter construction techniques that have been developed over the centuries and are still in use today. It also includes amazing true stories of people who have faced danger and survived. We talk about shelters in all kinds of environments: forests, deserts, jungles, and polar regions. With clear directions and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to use your own equipment and materials found in nature to build sturdy shelters.

3. Guide to Surviving in the Wild – Chris Mcnab

With this guide, you will be able to learn certain military survival techniques that will help you make the right decisions at critical moments and will allow you to focus on the primary objectives of preserving your health and keeping yourself safe. It includes many illustrations so that you understand perfectly the survival techniques in the wild such as: packing the survival kit, looking for water, recognizing poisonous plants, building a snow shelter, making a fire, making bird traps, climbing mountains, finding the pulse or navigate without a map. Awesome! 

4. Green Beret Survival Manual – Mickel Hawke

This manual teaches you how to survive in an emergency situation, from a car accident to a survival situation in the wild.

This is very interesting because it includes a great chapter on psychology and mental strength so that not only your body but also your mind knows what to do and how to stay calm and be able to escape from any dangerous situation.

5. Manual of survival at sea – Keith Colwell

This book is published by RYA, the British federative body for the regulation of sailing and motor navigation.

If you like sailing you should know that although it is one of the safest sports, it can cause high-risk accidents that it would be good to know and control. This book highlights the importance of having the necessary safety equipment and explains how to use it or improvise MacGyver-style solutions.

6. Survival Manual for a Nuclear War – Lorenzo Mediano

Although the book is made in the context of the 80s (Cold War era), it contains a lot of really practical and survival-oriented information.

We can learn to survive with “homemade means”, make ourselves a bunker and especially you will find guidance on what to do the day after a Nuclear war.

You can already imagine that faced with the possibility of a nuclear attack, the first thing you should do is fill the house with food, in the style of your grandmother.

7. Open in Case of Apocalypse – Lewis Dartnell

The British author has just published this book that outlines the steps that should be followed in the event of a nuclear attack, lethal epidemic, or any other type of catastrophe that could make 1/3 of the population disappear.

It is interesting because it makes us reflect on the fact that neither the food nor the electrical flow is the result of magic, but that there is behind a sophisticated system that is sustained by the work of many people and that… could disappear suddenly.

It explains how to recover basic technologies for example and opens your eyes to the reality in which we live. Really highly recommended.

8. UFO, survival guide – Rafa Infantes

In the event of an alien invasion, humanity should be prepared to act before them. Will they come for tea? Do you want to kill us all? How can we communicate with them? This is the perfect guide for you to take over the reins of the world when the aliens arrive on Earth.

9. ZOMBIE Survival Guide – Max Brooks

What if the Walking Dead was real? Would we know how to cope? Watch out … maybe the undead are among us. This is the definitive guide to getting rid of a zombie attack that can surprise you at any time …

10. Occasional cannibalism – Shiguro Takada

In case of extreme survival … if we consider eating someone else … will it taste the same as chicken? What if I like it? What will people say? Takada answers all these questions in this magnificent book that introduces you to the morbid world of cannibalism; a really complex practice that may be necessary to save your life. Very highly recommended.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.